Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I just really want to discuss the book/play with some people. I tried to brave tumblr to see what people were saying but it was just an overflow of so many things thrown in my face. I know there are a lot of people who have their issues with the story, but I'm curious what the Nerdfighters have to say :)


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    I live in America and therefore haven't seen the play but I did read the script book and in my opinion the plot is very holey and doesn't make a lot of sense.
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    Oh man... I read it in a sitting and I think I hate it. If it wasn't cannon I'd probably be fine with it, but it is and I'm peeved. I'm sure the play itself is as great as everyone says it is, plays after all are not so reliant on a good plot to be considered successful, its more the experience and spectacle that make it. The script however doesn't have that and, you guys, the plot is bad, some characters are bad, just really mischaracterized (minor spoiler: Looking a you Alt. Reality Hermione). Idk if you wanna go into spoilers, but I really am not a fan of the fact that its cannon or was sold as THE continuation of the story.

    Also let me just say that as a Slytherin I am outraged by the misrepresentation of my house in this book. What kind of Slytherin does something incredibly stupid without thinking it through because a pretty girl asked them too? Honestly, the kids shoulda been in Gryffindor, they're into stupidly brave heroics over there I hear. The Slytherins were all poorly considered action and and no secret plotting, a libelous script is what it is.
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    I read it a couple of weeks ago and it was ok? I thought it read a bit like fan fiction, and not the type I love and go back to! Because of the format, I didn't have enough details and context to things.
    However! It's Harry Potter, I'd read anything related to the series. Yes, I didn't particularly love it and I wouldn't read it again, but it was still an enjoyable experience. I'd also love to see the play, I can definitely see that being amazing.
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    As a massive Harry Potter fan, I was pretty disappointed when I read the script for the Cursed Child. Now, I know that it's meant to be a play, so seeing the live performance is probably a much more enjoyable experience, but I just thought the plot wasn't good. It was all a bit too ridiculous. There were too many coincidences, where things just HAPPEN to fall into place. There was less of a magical feeling to it. I agree with the previous posts. Apparently, the script wasn't actually written by J.K. Rowling, so that might be why it read like fanfic.
  • TexasFriedEwokTexasFriedEwok TexasPosts: 2
    Yeah the best part about the book was Scorpius Malfoy. Plots heavy on time travel are not my fav.
  • NealaNeala Posts: 2
    I read the script book too, and haven't seen the play. Everyone's already said really neat stuff about the structure of the story being more of a time-travel narrative then a mystery story which makes it feel very disjointed from the proper books, so I'll say something I haven't seen said a million times! :smiley: I'm disappointed in the way this story is distributed. Harry Potter has always been one of those amazing gifts to the world in that it was always, always widely accessible to everyone of every income. Almost anyone in an english speaking country could get a copy of the books for free from a library, and see the movies for cheap if they waited till sunday morning.

    It was there, for everyone. Of every income. In it's intended format. I never appreciated how important it is to consume a story in it's intended format until reading this script book. It makes a world of difference. And books, by the very nature of their medium are widely accessible to everyone. No matter their income. The same is nearly true with hollywood movies. One can see a new movie for only five bucks at local theaters on sunday mornings, and most cities have at least one theater with 5# tuesdays or something.

    Theatre on the other hand... if for the rich. Only wealthy people can afford to go see plays of this caliber. Even if the tickets are inexpensive for their medium, it's location alone means you have to be lucky enough to live near enough to the theater, or you have to be rich enough to fly to london, or now new york to see it. Lindsey Ellis' video about Rent made me very aware of this and you should all go watch it. Her videos are A++.

    I felt very cheated. This story that was such an important part of my life, of my childhood, is now pushing me away for not being able to afford a trip to london (or new york) and it feels.... bad. It hurts.

    I know stage adaptations of popular works are normal. Spiderman even had a run on the stage. But the spiderman musical didn't advertise itself as a vital part of the main story, like the Cursed Child is. The Cursed Child is calling itself the Eighth Book. The next volume in the series. Not a spin off, or a side story, and I guess that's why i'm so bitter about it.

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