Re-Reading TFioS

I have read TFioS three times (that I can remember). The first two were in the run-up to the movie when it was all hyped up. These times I was just looking for another good book to read, and had not discovered the amazing world of Nerdfigtaria. The third time was a year later when I had started to watch Hank and John's videos religiously. This third reading was odd thought. After spending so much time listening to John talk in his videos, I began to notice his speech patterns in Hazels' narration. Here phrases were predictable because John had said them so many times, and soon it was his voice telling the story and not Hazels. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?
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    I would need to re-read TFIOS myself to give concrete examples, but Hank said/confirmed on his tumblr recently that there's a ton of old (pre-2011) vlogbrothers references in the book, so it would also be reasonable that some of John's vlog-voice would have slipped in there...(how much of it is apparently only hindsight noticable)
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    I am currently re reading TFIOS for the 5th time which is appropriate considering P4A is going on as I type (:
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    This is so TRUE. Yes, I began to see so many similarities between John and Hazel talking, especially since he speaks with the exact emotions and facial expressions to read Hazel's lines. And that now causes my brain to read the book in his voice :D :D
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    I also noticed it during my second re-reading. To be fair I only read the book when the film came out, and I had been watching a ton of Crash Course before then, so John's voice was already firmly cemented in my head.
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    Now that its been point out, I've noticed its noticeable even in the first chapter... Yup, the words may be different, but that's John speaking as a young woman.
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    When check out of library , I was very much like book that the day check out I finished reading it , then I read again but took my school and want look every detail of book , and I remember crying at my school as reading the book and I do not much cried a lot . I also cried more when at home compare to at my school, I assume it I receiving the story more quickly. Then , reread every new as tradition that made for myself to remember to okay to cry.
    Okay? Okay. I am going to reread again even thought it is not a new year yet.
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