The Spices of life.... boom

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I would like to see a video about the Spice trade throughout human history. How fascinating to think spices were valued as currency. Imagine the adventure of being a purveyor of the trade in centuries past. I can't imagine a world without refrigeration. Did everyone eat a lot of jerky? Are we the only animals who use spices? I've also always wondered who dared to eat all these plants and minerals first. I mean the dangers and the history of spice has to be full of the weird and the wild. What an amazing part of our past!


  • PatricksciguyPatricksciguy Posts: 3
    I'd also just like to say Hank and John... You guys freaking rock! I'm a tuber from way back, but I am brand new the nerdfighteria crew. I am so jealous of what you guys do (in a positive way)! Actually your whole teams rock! Props everyone... I can't wait to see all the projects you guys start in the future and the evolution of awesomeness in your current endeavors.
    DTFBA indeed
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