Dealing with Depression: A video Diary.

MellyVKMellyVK Chepstow, WalesPosts: 25
So about a week ago (About a week ago!)

I came up with an Idea to get myself out of this.. very bad place i've been in for over a year. I never want to be there again and I don't want anyone else to be there.

This idea has turned into an experiment of sorts.. and honestly, its working. My confidence is growing, My mood is growing, I am meeting new people and talking etc. But I realised I want to help others, I want to make them feel better too. Make them smile or just.. inspire.

TLDR?: I did a thing, Heres the thing, Please comment about the thing on how I can improve it.



  • HowToFixCinemaHowToFixCinema Posts: 3
    I like the idea! I'm usually hesitant to read or watch things on the topic, in case the subject gets my depression going, but it sounds like your videos have the goal of being ecouraging, so I'll check them out!
  • MellyVKMellyVK Chepstow, WalesPosts: 25

    I like the idea! I'm usually hesitant to read or watch things on the topic, in case the subject gets my depression going, but it sounds like your videos have the goal of being ecouraging, so I'll check them out!

    No pressure at all! I am looking for feed back and I will be the first to admit they are not the best quality but I want to learn. The first one is at a bad point last week. But The later are definitely less likely to 'Trigger' something.

    I don't want to depress anyone and it's the furthest thing from my mind, Rather I really do just want to make everyone smile! :D Hope your having a wonderful day!
  • MellyVKMellyVK Chepstow, WalesPosts: 25
    Hey guys, I am on my twelve video! would still REALLY appreciate some feed back. Anything from editing to angles to music!
  • TurquoiseBlueTurquoiseBlue Posts: 89
    Hi! I just went and watched a few of your videos. I like the music a lot - I think it fits your videos well and it makes the video more interesting to watch. One suggestion relating to this is to find some similar songs because it gets kind of repetitive having the same song in every video. Another suggestion would be to try to edit the videos down to about 4 mins. I tend to get distracted with other things when I'm watching a video that's longer than that (but maybe that's just me, I don't watch anything on youtube besides vlogbrothers so I've gotten used to their time frame). But my favorite part of your videos is at the end when you say, "So Dear Diary..." I don't know why I like this part so much, but it's really great and you should definitely keep it up! (And maybe even make the rest of the video sound more like you are talking to a diary instead of an audience?) Also, it might seem insignificant, but I think the cover thumbnail images for your videos are really cool!
    "I’m scared of everything. And I’m crazy. Like maybe you think I’m a little crazy, but I only ever let people see the tip of my crazy iceberg. Underneath this veneer of slightly crazy and socially inept, I’m a complete disaster." Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell
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    THANKYOU @TurquoiseBlue for the feed back! I have been desperate for the feed back! I will keep that in mind for tomorrows video! Under 4 minutes, Change of music and make the Dear diary more prominent, I didn't mean to make it sound like I was talking to an audience (as I don't have one!!) It was more me talking to myself but this is valuable feed back and I will change how I speak and I appreciate it so so much! And Thankyou for the compliment on my thumbnails ^.^ You have made my day!
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    Hi! I'm starting a campaign against the stigma associated with mental illnesses, because I suffer from mental illness. It would be great if I could have a conversation with you. Also your video idea is really great and I would love to talk about using some of your videos with my campaign.
    Love ya, stay strong.
    by nerdykitkat04
  • QueueviusQueuevius Posts: 2
    It's great seeing people work on this, has anyone here ever seen Dr Rosenberg's NonViolent Communication? It's based on the idea that everything we have ever said, was constructed through one of two subconscious logics.

    Basically when a problem happens we humans convert stimulus into thoughts using set pathways for information. This is so deep down very few people will ever realize it's happening, but they're going to convert that stimulus into thoughts in one of two ways:

    What Dr Rosenberg calls "Jackal" consciousness, wherein problems happen because people are bad and to solve things we must punish them. Obviously this is religious, specifically monotheistic, but did you know it might actually be impossible to have chronic anxiety or depression without 'right/wrong/label thinking'? Most people think they can only either perceive this way, or be fake, they tend to truly believe their current pathways are "reality".

    But before people called each other static/unchanging labels, before they came to be programmed to judge others, there was 'need literacy'. If you and Ugg needed food, you didn't bother psychoanalyzing Ugg, if someone you cared about needed something, you simply did what you could. In reality this is a FAR more sane way of converting stimuli into thoughts. Think about the difference between a mechanic who punishes cars to fix them verses a sane mechanic, who simply tries to understand what is needed, then how to provide that. The difference is honestly incredible, every single person on this planet needs to understand it. Seriously if I could offer you a single thing from my life's experience it would be to go Youtube "Dr Rosenberg NVC San Francisco", and start it from the middle 'cause the intro's a little slow but you'll get hooked in the middle. Dr Rosenberg's an anarchist so don't let the hand puppets fool ya. He got a PhD in western psychology, then turned his back on all of it, once he realized certain eastern approaches are better.

    Also I'm always up to talk NVC and psychology in general so if you'd like to collaborate shoot me a message at [email protected]
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