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Any runners? Track, XC? I run track and XC for my school. 


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    I ran xc in middle school, but didn't have time in high school. I jumped for track, but an injury during my freshman year led me to join the distance runners towards the end of the sophomore season. Even though I ran on my own, I didn't stay conditioned through my years without distance, and never really regained my speed. The injury didn't help matters either. 
    I started running for endurance, and even though my pace was relatively slow, I could go for hours.
    I had surgery the Winter after my Senior year, and wasn't allowed to exercise at all for three months, and had a lot of restrictions for another three. I slowly started running again, but at this point I was pretty terrible. Slow times, couldn't go for long. I hated it and it made running a double-edged sword. I was impatient and I made very little progress. I longed to be part of a team again for guidance. 
    Then I got sick about a year ago (should-be junior year), and haven't been able to run at all since. I've been on a couple of long walks, and I guess it's the first step. I want to be able to call myself a runner again, but for now it's going to be a while. 
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    I'm sorry! Injuries suck! My brother has been out for a track season and an XC season due to a torn achilles tendon. His writing from here on out: 

    You really just have to listen to doctor/physical therapist. Its really easy to get discouraged and just give up but you have to realize that getting back to your prime is going to be a struggle. I was really depressed when I got hurt for the second time. I gave up on trying to get better but I just got worse and worse until one day I just decided that I wanted to get better and that I wanted to run again. So I started doing my exercises but never pushing myself more than I thought I could go. Slowly but surely I got better. Just remember that it will get better you just have to work for it. I hope that helps! Best of luck! 
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    High school cross country runner!  I just ran at the State Championship meet today, so my season is officially over.
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    @seaswallowed Hey! Great to know that there are more runners in Nerdfighteria! 
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    First and foremost, I run to get ready for the zombie apocalypse, but I also do it to clear my mind and relieve stress. I've even started trail running this fall, best thing about that were the views of the coast, very surreal. 
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    Sad to see so much inactivity in this area of the forum D; I run track for my school right now and hope to be able to run XC for it next year. This is my first year of it though, so I'm not quite as talented as some of my peers as of yet, and only have a 5:34 for my PR for the 1500 meter race (Might be more after a race I had today). Figured I would ask a question of those of you who do run, do you have any advice for breathing? That's always been the hardest part for me! 
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    I too am a runner but alas, I am out due to injury right now.

    I started jogging about 2 years back in order to loose some weight and basically try to get healthy again. At first it was horrible, I really hated it. It was winter, so it was dark, wet and cold. But I persevered and I ran 2 half marathons in 2012 with resonable first time times.

    I find it exhilarating now. Back when I was younger I played a lot of GAA football (here's a link to this years final if you've never seen the sport -  Mind you, I never played to the level these guys do.) and I hated the training. Now I get a kick out of it.

    As for my injury, I just had surgery on my knee for my ACL 6 weeks back. This was an old injury picked up when I was younger playing GAA and only really resurfaced in the last few years.

    Being out is very frustrating but it's also made me more determined to get back out at it. Yes it will set you back 6-9 months, but really that's nothing.

    My advice is to be patient. Gaining initial, or regaining, fitness takes time. It'll be at least 4 weeks before you start to see some real results in terms of time, breathing, weight and other benefits. A lot of people get turned off by lack of instant results but I find it a reason to spur me on. When starting out (and coming back from injury, as it's like starting again) just do 30 minutes each time and don't worry about distance. Do something like 2 minutes jogging, 5 minutes walking or something similar and you'll soon build it up.

    The biggest obstacle for me (apart from my busted knee obviously) is consistency. That is what I find key. You have to be out minimum of 4 days a week to see whatever benefits you want from running. Really, it's like anything else in life, it's not just going to happen by itself. You have to put the work into it.

    @MacNasty - The breathing will come. Try and mix your training up. Do some long endurance sessions intertwined with some Fartlek style training. You'll reap the rewards of it for sure.
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    Funny, I just posted something on tumblr about running and then I was going to go elsewhere and accidentally came here and was tagged in this thread. I had a stress test earlier this week and was able to jog for 48 seconds before my doctor told me to stop. At first I felt really frustrated and then I had to sit down and look at the fact that this was a fasting test, and then a year earlier I didn't even make it to10 seconds before reaching the same point. I've also been able to walk for hours recently (including some in heels). My doctor basically said my bigger issue seems to be that I'm not in shape anymore than it is that I'm sick. 
    I'm thinking of trying to include a couple of 20 second jogs on my future walks as a starting point, kind of following the philosophy of c25k, but much more scaled back. 
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    i run cross country for stamina but i also run middle distance like the 800 and 1500 at school
    but i really damaged my back and pelvis this year and so i havent been able to run for a long time
    i lov running becuase ii find it really calms me down and i find it much easier to think about things and write stories in my head so i really hate this iinjury :(
    but hopefully ill be back on the track soon :)
    so great to know there are people who love running too :D
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    Im a runner! I do all 3 seasons, I was a mid-distance runner but today my coach put me into race walking...Like what! Im kinda mad lmao
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    I run 100m in relay and 80m hurdles, but even though I'm okay at them I literally cannot run farther than 800m without just stopping! It's annoying that I'm useless at all running except sprinting but sprinting is still awesome:D Yesterday I ran two 200m races and I ran quite well but I tried so hard that I threw up afterwards from the lactic acid or whatever it is. But I like trying really hard at something, and running is just brilliant for this:D I had some nerve damage a month or two ago but I'm getting back with it:) Yay running!
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    I run 1500s and 3000s on track and also XC but I had 4 months out due to a torn achilles tendon (very painful!) and I have only just started running again. It feels so good to have started running after all that time out!!!!
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    I'd call myself a runner, if I'm allowed to: I'm currently seven weeks into a programme called 'Couch to 5k', created by the National Health Service here in the UK. Currently I'm at the 25-minute, 5k stage, and I'm loving it!
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    My body kind of refuses to let me run these days, but I still enjoy walking frequently.  Can I play too?
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    I run when I'm able to. I don't participate in competitions I run for and against myself.
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    Running my first half marathon in May! 
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    I ran cross country throughout high school and college. I won the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference my senior year and then gave the sport up after graduating. I figured I wasn't ever going to get any better than that, and 9 years is a good run for any hobby. I've been rock climbing since. I still miss the therapeutic meditation of running though...
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    I don't "compete" really because I'm not in high school anymore. Or college. BUT I just ran my first full marathon in October. I'll be running my second in April.

    People talk about runners like they have their sht together. But really I run because I don't have it all figured out. It's like the one thing I feel like I can control in my life. And at my weird in-between sort of age, running feels like the only thing I can succeed at some days.

    Plus I get to listen to all the Katy Perry I want and no one judges.

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    meggeth said:
    Running my first half marathon in May! 
    YAY! Half marathons are my favorite. They aren't like TOTALLY overwhelming to train for but they still feel like a significant accomplishment for me. 

    GOOD LUCK! Keep us posted :)

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    I like to run, there's this iphone app called zombies run that I like to use.  I just run for fun.
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    I run both! Track started yesterday and now I have a wrapped ankle and knee... fun!! XD
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    I'm a runner as well! I use zombies app for a pleasant workout. But can't run track :/
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