Open letter to Hank and John Green (artist who needs help)

Dear Hank and John Green,
My name is Kari. I am 17 (which only seems important when you’re young, i mean you never hear someone introduce themselves and say ‘i am 56’) anyway I am 17 and obviously not a writer. I am however, an artist. A very shy artist. I live in a very small town in Wisconsin. (small towns should not be romantized because tbh, they are miserable places).
I am a nerdfighter, a beard lover, a trekkie, and an overall nerd. Hank and John, I am writing to you today because i need help. I am an artist who doesn't know how to interact with humans. I do not know how to get my art known. I have a deviantart and a youtube channel and as of last week, an instagram but I still can't get my art known in the world. I want to ask for your help because you hold the attention of nearly 3 million people whose eager eyes and ears want to change the world.
Being an artist has been my dream since i was very young. Everyone told me that i couldn't do it and that it wasn't gonna happen. But ive decided im gonna make a go at it. Ive had a few art shows and sales and they were a lot of fun but a modern day artist needs to be online. Can you help me find my place online? You see i wish for this because i want to be able to support myself as an artist.
I know that you are both are very busy people, john with his book, and Hank with all his awesome science things:) (btw sci show and crash course have saved my ass many times during finals week) anyway i hope you can give me a little bit of your time and help me out.
I really hope to hear from you both soon (although i won't blame john if he’s too busy writing) and thank you so much for reading.
For you pleasure:
YOUTUBE: I have drawing videos of both of you on my youtube channel btw


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