New Vlogger on YouTube! Would love advice and tips :) Share you Channels here too!

BKRsportBKRsport Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 5
Hey, i'm Blaze and I run a YouTube channel called BKRsport from Melbourne, Australia! I'm really new to YouTube and just really trying to give it a red hot go! My vlogs aren't general life vlogs but they're actually directly related with sport, attending different matches in different sports and vlogging the experience! I also do challenge videos, weekly sport recaps and other videos!

If you could check out the video below and maybe have a look around my channel and let me know how I can improve and/or give me some pointers in how you think I could do better, I would love it!

Here is my most recent video for you to have a look :)


  • LukeLuke Resident Spam Cleaner DublinPosts: 7,881 Admin
    Tell me, why did you put this in Rules and support? I'm moving you to projects and brain crack
  • rylandhorvatrylandhorvat Posts: 2
    Can I get some tips?
  • ShivranCShivranC Posts: 2
    Just starting off would love it if you would check out my channel <3
  • ogoe66ogoe66 San Antonio, TXPosts: 3
    Hey Blaze! I would be happy to check your channel out. I actually started my own youtube channel as well. Just filming things that I do throughout the week. It would be awesome if you or anyone else can check out my channel and maybe give tips. Thanks!
  • marques_salgadomarques_salgado HollywoodPosts: 4
    HEY I am also just starting! Would you all mind checking out my recent vlog from Hollywood? :smile:
  • jrp317jrp317 Posts: 1 Newbie
    Hi guys - I just started a new channel as well for some of my artsy experimental shorts, it would mean a lot if you checked it out:

    Good luck to everyone!
  • greenlightgreenlight Posts: 16
    Hey guys, what advice would you give to a folk, who is too embarrassed to start their own youtube channel?
  • cherish170cherish170 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited January 2018
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  • BlueDragonBlueDragon OregonPosts: 1 Newbie

    Hey guys, what advice would you give to a folk, who is too embarrassed to start their own youtube channel?

    Do something where you don't show your face at first, that way you don't have to worry about people irl finding out and being judgmental.
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