Help me surprise my dad!

Hello everyone. My name is Jakob Reimer. I'm from San Angelo, Texas and I need some nerdfighter help. There is this trip in June to Mozambique that my dad has been invited to go on. A group of guys are going there to build water wells so the local villagers will have clean, safe, and accessible water to drink. Also they are going to help them with improving their farming techniques. He says he'd love to go. The only problem is the expenses to get there add up to 3000 per person. He said it would pretty much take a miracle for 3000 to just drop into his lap. My dad doesn't know but I've created a gofundme to help raise the money. I'm not asking for a lot just a few bucks here and there from some awesome people. There is power in numbers. I know it won't take long if we all pull together. Also if anyone wants to copy the gofundme link to their Facebooks and other social medias to spread the reach of this fundraiser that would be just so awesome. Thank you all in advance. Please help me blow my dads mind. I just can't wait to see the look on his face!!! Here the link everyone!


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