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Hey, my name is Allison, nice to meet you! I am from Holland, where I study Cultural Anthropology. For one of my courses, I have to do research in an online community. Because this community is so awesome and open, I was very interested in the dynamic here. My research is about offline contact after meeting online.
My question is, if you want to participate, why you want to meet with other Nerdfighters outside the online space. Do you get friendships out of this in real life? And do you think you spend more time with friends online than offline?
You would really help me out if you want to anwers this for me!



  • heleniahelenia Posts: 3
    Hi Allison!

    My name is Helenia! I live in the Netherlands too!

    I want to meet with onther Nerdfighters outside the online space because I like to have some friends with the same interests. When you find someone online with whom you've already have something in common, it is easier to meet them in real life. The nice thing about nerdfighters, they have a lot in common with each other.

    And yes, you get friendships out of internet in real life. I haven't experienced it yet with this community, but I met my two (best) friends via Skype. We both played Minecraft, and I asked to Skype when I was eleven or so. I still am in contact with both of them! We even see each other in real life twice a year! The live on the other side of the country, what is sad. It is nice to have some friends who doesn't know you from school, and experience you from a totally diffrent perspect.

    And yes again, I spend more time with friends online. That is simply because I don't have a lot in common with the people at school.

    I hope you can do something with my answer! If you ever want to use me for any project again, I'll be glad to help you with whatever!

    Love Always,


  • ohalltheplacesohalltheplaces TexasPosts: 551 ✭✭✭
    hello you guy's. i'd love to get to know some nerdfighter friends I live in America (not many nerfighters in my area) so if you could tell me where the most the most active online community is, because i hav;nt been able to meet many that would be great
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  • Marit__JMarit__J GermanyPosts: 4
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    Hey Allison! Unfortunately, I don't have contact to other nerdfighters neither in real life nor on the internet. I'd really like to get to know some other Nerdfighters, but I haven't found a chatroom or something like that where you can just meet some awesome people. I don't think, there are that many Nerdfighters in my area (I live in germany), but maybe I'll meet some when I start studying physics this year :smiley: In general, I spend more time with my (very few) friends in real life that I know from school. The problem is that I don't know anyone who really shares my interests for example in science, Star Trek or comics. If I had no internet, I'd probably think, that I'm the only person who is interested in these things.
    I hope I helped you a little with your course :blush:
  • ohalltheplacesohalltheplaces TexasPosts: 551 ✭✭✭
    omg i have the same exact problem. I'd love to meet some people who enjoy the same things i do. but i also can't find many people. well nice to meet you.
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    But in a sexy way where it's not obvious"
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  • beepbop1011beepbop1011 International Space StationPosts: 645 ✭✭✭
    At a local library perhaps.
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