Anyone interested in a (re)watch????

centauriecentaurie BelgiumPosts: 48
A couple months ago I decided to finally read the actual P&P book (read an abridged version in high school, in Western Europe , btw, so I didn't speak some English untill I was, 14-ish) and have been craving LBD for some time now...

Yesterday I actually started the playlist, but today I was thinking, maybe someone is planning to do the same and is interested in buddy-watching it, just to talk/geek out with someone else???
Discussions can happen here, twitter, some chatroom/im service, whatever you want...

While It's technically possible to finish the series in one day, I doubt anyone of us has a full day to devote to it, after all even just the 'main' LBD channel is over 8 hours of videos! Let alone this playlist which is about 13 hours long. This is the playlist I'm using, btw. So maybe weekly dates to watch a certain number of eps and then discussion somewhere???
Or someone else has other ideas to do something like this?
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