Nerdfighter Education System

I want to open a school that is based on Nerdfighter ideals, where all of the students, teachers and faculty are in agreement that education is not simply what you have to do to pass and be a real person someday. I know this is far-fetched and may never become anything legit, but it's some Brain Crack I've had for some time.

Education, learning, community, and all these other themes Nerdfighteria stands for is what young people need and want. Instead of simply memorizing and regurgitating information, you analyze and process. You use your resources and the people around you to further advance in society. If Nerdfighters can decrease world suck on a massive scale when they’ve never even met in person, imagine what could happen if those physical boundaries were crossed. Not only that, but it's been demonstrated that we want to learn, and we can learn voluntarily. Every single person in Nerdfighteria can attest to that. We naturally thirst for knowledge, but our education system doesn't play to that. 

The idea that we’re not just learning so we can pass a test, but learning so that we can decrease world suck and increase awesome: That is what education should be founded on, and that is what Nerdfighters live on.
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  • AmaiaAmaia Posts: 23
    Wow, I'd really love that school to exist, I think I would send my kids and attend myself to those classes. Amazing :)
  • wessellswessells Posts: 69
    But how? You'll never get the funding or the students. If they all have to be nerdfightastic, you would have to make it into a border school which would cost even more.

    I know this might sound harsh and all but believe me, I thought about this a lot and I just... I don't think it can work.
  • katjazzkatjazz Posts: 80 ✭✭
    I know... I'm not saying it's a plausible thing. I just wish it was.
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  • wessellswessells Posts: 69
    Yes, alright, me too. I think it should be something like hogwarts. I mean, you'd have to select awesome and smart children and then get them all to one place where they are taught in everything (and yes, that includes magic and interdimentional traveling).
  • katjazzkatjazz Posts: 80 ✭✭
    The thing is though, if you had a lot of money and power you could try it. I mean, experimental education is not unheard of. And I mean there's some things you can't get around, like standardized testing. But applying these ideals, and making a school for students instead of for the government or the teachers or anyone else, is not completely impossible.
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  • TylerTyler Posts: 429 ✭✭✭
    While this seems kind of impossible for right now,

    It could work if it was broadened a bit? I don't know of any rich & powerful Nerdfighters but in a 'sales pitch' if the only pitch was the ideals and the 'school for the students' I can imagine at least a few people buying into that. For real-world application, adding the Nerdfighter aspect may alienate people and limit the chances of this becoming a semi-real thing.
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  • acegiakacegiak South AustraliaPosts: 28 ✭✭
    isn't this pretty similar to Waldorf schooling?

    I don't entirely approve of most Waldorf implementations because the ones I've seen seem to sacrifice literacy and numeracy for the personal development side of things. I actually don't mind Australia's public education system. Its not an inherently pleasant experience but it does its job of educating pretty damn well, I think its up to the student to make it anything more than that. The awesomeness and decreasing world suck comes after you've done the hard yards learning to do things like math.

    More reading on waldorf:
  • Five words... Crash Course and Sci Show :-)

    Though in all seriousness, except in countries where "free-schools" or "independent/public/private schools (i'm talking the UK model of public/private here)" I don't think this could be done easily... no matter how awesome an idea it is.
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  • kronosqqkronosqq Posts: 33 ✭✭
    You might want to check out the New Tech Network. Project based learning (PBL), 1:1 students computers, generally smaller sized schools and classes since most are magnet schools. I'm currently a senior at Bloomington New Tech (Indiana), and we're certainly not the perfect example since we've had a lot of bad luck with the school corporation giving us teachers we didn't want and who didn't want to be there due to budget cuts and teacher seniority a couple years back. Same thing happened with students at the same time since the local alternative school in the corporation got shut down. One thing that I do think makes an excellent example though are the "Global projects" we do every year. Basically the school turns into a big think tank for a week and we team up to come up with solutions or helpful ideas to various global problems like hunger, education, health, etc... But yeah, basically New Tech schools are the closest to what you're describing that I can think of, and despite all the problems my school has faced I've had a much better time and been much more motivated by the work we do than I would have been at either of the other traditional schools in town.

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  • katjazzkatjazz Posts: 80 ✭✭
    @kronosqq that's so awesome! What are some examples of projects you do?
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  • misingnoglicmisingnoglic Posts: 36 ✭✭
    I volunteer as teacher (well, I expect to get paid, but you get the idea)

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  • TenleyNadineTenleyNadine MichiganPosts: 681 ✭✭✭
    A Nerdfighter school would be fantastic.

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  • RaibeanRaibean Oceanside, CAPosts: 144 ✭✭
    Maybe Nerdfighters could make an internet school where people could choose to learn or teach whatever subject they like.
  • katjazzkatjazz Posts: 80 ✭✭
    @raibean that's basically like Crash Course. 

    I wish we could get legitimate credit and stuff like this though. Which isn't to belittle your idea, or Crash Course. It's just wishful thinking
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  • EyoreEyore Posts: 176 ✭✭
    It could work in some systems where all education standards stuff is done through the government. Like in Israel the government has these Bagruyot and the Psychometry, which kinda line up with APs (but easier) and the SAT in the american system for comparison, and those are really the only things schools look at. So if you've got stuff like that, then as long as the kids going through the school take the government tests at the end of the line nobody further up the chain of education can really complain about teaching style or lack of transcript.

    to address @acegiak's point, I think some basics would be required learning, but after that, and colleges already figured this out, why does a historian need advanced calculus? If you just told each student "you need to take X courses from each of these Y categories" or something like that, You could definitely get motivated students who love what they do. Especially if the first few years (assuming middle+hs here) are for general dabbling and getting a grip on things.
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  • redphoneboxredphonebox West Coast, USPosts: 50
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    I went to a public k-8 school that was founded on similar principles, it's not impossible (and it already exists), and I plan on studying to be a teacher and promoting similar ideals. I think it's less of a problem of having the individual schools, and more about changing whole education systems.

    Also, while I like the ideas you guys are suggesting, I think making a school like that nerdfighter-exclusive would be counterproductive.
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  • hopeandcheerhopeandcheer Posts: 19
    As long as Maureen Johnson taught a class - I'm in!! 
  • syue1984syue1984 Posts: 30
    @ShadesOfBlue ; Having Maureen Johnson as a teacher would be cool, yet also slightly frightening.  If she were to call on me to answer a question, and I didn't know the answer and she gave me that "Marueen Johnson Stare".  I think I'd be pretty terrified.
  • kronosqqkronosqq Posts: 33 ✭✭
    @katjazz Well I do think the best example is the global project every year, I just love the think tank feel to it and, in a way, it's kind of like NaNo but for PBL since those are done over the course of a week, there's no time for procrastination, you just shoot off ideas, do research, throw together a plan, it's pretty great.
    Some of the other notable projects I've done were some in Biology freshman year, we actually have a partnership with a local nature land trust organization to their watershed environmental testing and present our findings to them directly. So we got to go out there and do real field work that had a directly applicable goal.
    Another one that comes back pretty clearly was the "Truman and the Bomb" project in American Studies, it was done in two parts, firstly we were to present to "The president" and his "cabinet" (the teachers and class) on our recommendation of whether or not to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, basing our arguments for or against it on what was known in 1945 before the bombings. Then there was the second half where we got to use more modern knowledge and hindsight. But the whole thing was generally based around the idea of whether it not it was militarily justified and whether or not it was ethically so, and why.

    Also worth mentioning that going to New Tech is directly responsible for a good part of the confidence I have today, back in middle school I was extremely introverted, and don't get me wrong, I'm still an introvert, still like to sit around on my computer making videos, and being a nerdfighter on the internet. But I'm also able to present extremely well in front of large groups, public speaking, whether I'm improvising or writing my content beforehand is easy now, and that's definitely something that the New Tech model excels at teaching.
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  • argonautargonaut Posts: 10
    I'm new to Nerdfighting but I think that online education has a lot of potential to live up to Nerdfighter ideals. Like Raibean suggested, there is actually a site to facilitate learning and teaching called (Peer to Peer University). It could be a great place for Nerdfighters to set up courses.
  • Yeah, one of the main problems is location. I definitely think it would have to be all online. There are already many students taking online courses instead of going to a regular school. This does has a lot of potential- if we could get the funding. 
  • Ethaka901Ethaka901 Posts: 4
    Hi there. It's really interesting article. You're gonna be a good teacher. Cause you know a lot of students order their works somewhere like and in fact don't know anything, that's why when they write some text in real time they makes mistakes. The question of deterioration education is very important in present days. Students don't have any motivation to study. But you have really a good idea. Hope you can change this situation.
  • izzejulesizzejules Posts: 2
    I feel like our current education system feels more like a sorting tool for the American caste system. Is there a way to build a new education system that would truly help combat wealth distribution?
  • marcusowensmarcusowens Posts: 1 Newbie
    Wow, that's a great system! Good job on your part. I believe that you should include a dissertation help at as a part of your system.
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