Sudden brain crack/does this exist already please?

So I was writing an essay today that requires at least 800 words (not that much I know but that's beside the point) and I was looking at the word count obsessively and checking how much I had left to write when I came up with an idea. Why isn't there some kind of application/modification so that you can enter a goal word count and see what your percentage is so far? This would be incredibly helpful for writers who are trying to reach a word goal every day. Also, this might already exist and if so could somebody link me?
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  • solands23solands23 Posts: 5
    Writing your own essay can become frustrating. From choosing the right topic, to elaborating and creating a very strong conclusion to entice the reader. If you feel you cannot complete the said task, don't be afraid to seek help. You can start by screening the different essay providers online, read useful reviews by other clients online.
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    So as a teacher I can't in good conscious say that solands23's advice of looking at different essay providers is a good idea, especially as we (teachers in general) check for plagiarism frequently.

    However, Fingercrossed you could use write or die and set your word goal to whatever you need it to be.

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