What was your least favourite part of TFIOS?

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I am currently reading TFIOS and while so far, it has been awesome, I have come across some problems with it or at least things some people will pick up on. I have narrowed it down to three, which you can vote in on a poll, if I can figure out how to make one. Actually, I do not know how after all, so discuss!

DFTBA! The three things are:
  • Romanticisation of serious illness.
  • The Anne Frank Part.
  • Romantic and archaic language

      The Anne Frank scene was apparently an omage to Marcus Zusak, as he did something similar but that is my least favourite part of the book. The other two, in my opinion, are not really a problem for me. Thoughts?
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  • I don't really care about the Anne Frank scene. I know it may be disrespectful, but I don't think that she would have cared... I don't know... What bothered me the most was Augustus, to be honest, especially in the beginning. He just seemed so unnaturally perfect, the prime example of a gary-sue. I realize he has cancer, but that is not a character flaw. But that's just me, I just don't like perfect people ;) (Btw, I'm not a native speaker, so sorry for any mistakes)
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    Existentialism is what the book is about.
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