Looking for YouTube channels to watch!

EggDialEggDial Posts: 1
Hey, guys! So I have been looking at YouTube a lot lately and wanted to find more things to watch. I mainly enjoy watching YouTube vloggers and rants. So, if you have a channel or know of any channels I might enjoy, be sure to let me know!

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  • thisisnotmynamethisisnotmyname The MoonPosts: 451 ✭✭✭
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    Ooh, I have a channel! It's ThisIsNotMyName!
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  • BKRsportBKRsport Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 5
    Hey, i'm Blaze and I run a YouTube channel called BKRsport from Melbourne, Australia! I'm really new to YouTube and just really trying to give it a red hot go! My vlogs aren't general life vlogs but they're actually directly related with sport, attending different matches in different sports and vlogging the experience!

    Would love if you could check me out! Here is my most recent video for you to have a look :)

  • IrnBenIrnBen Leeds, EnglandPosts: 5
    I just started a new video blog, tell me what you guys think :)
  • maybedeadcatsmaybedeadcats Posts: 21
    I would recommend Nathan Zed and Nerdy and Quirky. They've both been on vlogbrothers before and they are really witty and funny.
  • AikoAtsumeAikoAtsume Posts: 16
    How about CypherDen? Or JaidenAnimations or the animation community? all AWESOME

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