Where the bloody hell are you?



  • lanigoodnesslanigoodness AustraliaPosts: 11
    I'm stuck out in Central West NSW roughin' it :P
  • ashlingashling Posts: 2
    I live near Melbourne :-h
  • ashsayshelloashsayshello AustraliaPosts: 2,050 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Perth, WA... well, in the suburbs around it.

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  • kezizzlekezizzle Posts: 1
    Adelaide area :D - I really want to know of some meet ups could be fun - would be better if John/Hank came that would be awesome sauce ...
  • mlemlehmlemleh Posts: 6
    Well, maybe in a year or so if What is Loaf gets bigger and better we might be able to lure them to Australia for that. Either that or we'll have to wait for John to do another book tour.
  • Wyld_IceWyld_Ice Brisbane, QLD, AustraliaPosts: 7
    Near Brisbane, QLD 
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  • I'm from Melbourne ^.^
  • Mark27Mark27 AustraliaPosts: 1,188 ✭✭✭
    I live near Melbourne, Vic.
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  • GingersnapGingersnap NSW, AustraliaPosts: 1
    I live in Newcastle, NSW
  • @magicaltypeyhands there's a growing Tassie page on facebook and they're starting to have gatherings!

    I'm from Sydney myself but if you go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/428346800529981/ and join the group you can suggest they have a gathering sometimes soon and they're all really friendly. Just try it out if you've not already. ^^
  • TianaRapleyTianaRapley Sydney, NSWPosts: 13
    Ashfield, NSW :)
  • NovaCascadeNovaCascade Posts: 9
    @lanigoodness - I'm out that way too, about 6 hours from Sydney.
  • BalmungBalmung Posts: 9
    I'm from Adelaide, SA. does anyone know if there are any gatherings in Adelaide?
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  • zenia_vzenia_v Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 20
    I live in Melbourne, Victoria. And sadly, have no Nerdfighter friend IRL, or online. I need some, so that we can be Nerdfightastic wearing Pizza John shirts together. :)  
  • Hi Guys,

    Brisbane (North Side) Nerdfighter here.

    I am trying to make changes to my life, to get out and socialise, make friends, and more actively participate in decreasing world suck; so I am definitely keen to hear about any local meet ups, even if they are small ones.

    There is very little that doesn't interest me, at heart I am optimistic nerd who loves knowledge and experience of all types, but I am particularly passionate about science, history, sci-fi & fantasy, computer science / mathematics, and good old video games.

    Recently I have been really getting in to photography, and exploring the national and botanical parks around Brisbane & the coasts.

    As a matter of full disclosure, I am probably a bit older than most Nerdfighters, nearing 32 - which I only mention because I do suffer from a bit of generation gap confusion / rivalry (There were video game consoles AFTER the SNES? No. Way. / You were born AFTER the Macarena, how is that possible!?!)
  • CamelismCamelism Posts: 1
    Im right in Brisbane :D
  • pepper401pepper401 AustraliaPosts: 9
    in newcastle NSW here, would lve to do a agthering if theres enogh people. but there seems to be no one
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