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Hey lovely Hoosier nerdfighters :D Come an join us in our lovely Facebook group here: 

Also we are having a gathering in Indy on November 24th at 1pm at the Children's Museum. You can find all the amazing details at this link: If you have any questions let me know!!

The Nerdfighteria land in Indiana just got a major update. Make sure you see the announcement below, and check out our new forum board so our discussions on the facebook group will never get lost again:


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    Also sorry for the bad format above! I was on my iPad, and I can't edit it, to make it look better. 
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    I'm so excited for this gathering, it's gonna be my first.
    We could be a story in the morning, but we’ll be a legend tonight.
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    Besides VidCon, it's going to be my first as well! 
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    I'm excited I love the Children's Museum.
    We could be a story in the morning, but we’ll be a legend tonight.
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    Hi! :) I'm from Indiana too -- but I don't live in Indianapolis anymore (that is my hometown). I L-O-V-E the Children's Museum; I hope you guys have fun! I live in Bloomington now - I go to school at IU. :) 
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    That's awesome! I think I can make that. I'm new to the whole nerdfighter thing, but I love the Children's Museum!
  • I'm not sure if I can go, but I'll try. 
  • I hate living in Southern Indiana. All of the good stuff happens in Indy!  
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    I live in Louisville! Perhaps you could come across the river, if that's closer, and join us for something!
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    @TARDISandSparkles Any idea how long the gathering will last on the 24th? I'll be coming back from Thanksgiving with relatives in Chicago that day, but if travel time and gathering times match up I might be able to drop by.
    @Mercurial Are there any active Nerdfighter groups at IU? I also live in Bloomington and have been meaning to check on that.
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    @kronosqq I'm not quite sure how long everyone is planning on staying. But I'll add my number on the facebook event page, that way people can get a hold of me if we move/to see if we are still around. 

    And @Mercurial and @kronosqq let me know if there is an active IU group. My sister goes there and I'm sure she would love to meet people there. I do know there is an active Purdue group if anyone is in that area.

    I myself am in the Fort Wayne area and I know there are quite a few of us, but I don't think there is a group per say, but if there is interest in one I can definitely start up something. 
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  • @theoncomingriver Same up North as well. Being a teenager near South Bend basically means I can't go to anything unless my parents are feeling extra super nice. Which is why I love the internet groups. 

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    Just a reminder all Indiana Nerdfighters we are having a gathering THIS Saturday at 1:00 pm details on the facebook invite page!!
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    I passed the children's museum coming home for break and I got  really excited. Can't wait til Saturday! 
    We could be a story in the morning, but we’ll be a legend tonight.
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    I would just like to say that the gathering this Saturday will be my first nerdfighter gathering. :)
    And I am stoked.
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    Hey Indiana Nerdfighters, I just posed an important question over on our facebook group. I'll post it here as well for anyone who isn't part of the facebook group:

    "Hey guys! I’m so sad that I missed you all at the gathering. I got there about half an hour late because of traffic and parking. Once I got there I couldn’t find anyone, but that’s okay I ended up going through the museum with my sister. I hope you guys all had a great time!

    There were actually a few things I wanted to talk about with everyone. I was wondering what if we kind of set up the Indiana Nerdfighters a bit more formally. That way rather than being more of a fan club we are more of an actual club. (I know Nerdfighters aren’t a fan club, I just couldn’t think of a great way to describe what I’m trying to say)

    What I’m thinking is there are different Indiana Nerdfighters groups already established, some are college groups, some are high school groups, some are just groups of awesome people.  What if we find a way to combine all these groups so we are working for central mission? So we have a statewide group that has different chapters in different areas (those groups already created and create groups for areas that need them) and then we could come up with different service projects to work on to decrease world suck.

    With this we would also be different gatherings in each region and then have 2 or 3 “statewide” ones each year. This might require that we have a smallish group of people that kind of act as the board that could make newsletters and help plan things and make frame work for the groups around the state.

    Of course Nerdfighteria is a collaborative place and it will all be a give and take of everyone’s influence. But sometimes I feel like our state is one of those states that aren’t as active and I want our Hoosier Nerdfighter pride to show.  If you all think this is a bad idea that’s okay too :D I was just doin’ a bit of brainstormin’ over the weekend."

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    The meetup was grand BTW. There are many photos on the Facebook Group and I made a short video of what happened.

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    Fort Wayne meet up going on right now at Jefferson Pointe if anyone is browsing Our Pants and needs to venture out into the snow!
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    Hello Indiana Nerdfighters!! After a month or so of planning and figuring some things out, the planning committee got some plans together for the new direction of the Indiana Nerdfighter group—including a newish name—INdiana State Association of Nerdfighters (or IN-SAN for short :D)

    We want to make 2013 bigger and better for Hoosier Nerdfighters with lots more mingling, laughing, and decreasing world suck. The first thing we did is divide the state into three sections: North, Central, and South. Now I know this isn’t the most convenient for everyone out there, but based on our poll, IN-SAN members create an increasing slope across Indiana. You can determine which section you best fall in on the map that Jamie posted here: 

    Now these lines are just guidelines, no section is trying to exclude anyone we’re just trying to make it easier because one of our goals is to have more frequent meet-ups! That’s right, while we love getting together as a state we know it’s not possible for everyone to do it all the time. But perhaps if a meet-up location is closer to you, you might be able to come more often! 

    At these more frequent meet-ups we’re hoping for more bonding time, (like perhaps a game of Cards Against Humanity like the Fort Wayne Nerdfighters played at their recent meet up) more decreasing world suck time (Think statewide and local service projects), and more awesome time (I mean when you get nerdfighters together how can it not be awesome) 

    To help keep everything a bit more organized we came up with a counsel of overseers. 
    Head of Northern Indiana: Jessica Bunch 
    Head of Central Indiana: Miles Reiter 
    Head of Southern Indiana: Jaime Garner 
    Secretary of State: Tara Olivero 

    (By no means is this group holding any power over you, they’re mostly just here to help organize things and help plan out ideas. If you have an idea for something the group should do make sure to let one of these people know so they can get you access to the right tools! We’re planning on sharing the duties to whoever has some spare time, so keep you eye out for calls for volunteers for committees) 

    We also noticed on our beloved Facebook group that there are great discussions that are quickly getting buried, so we came up with a solution so that everyone can talk with each other a bit easier. So we are introducing the IN-SAN forum board: By no means are we abandoning our Facebook Group, we still plan to use this for instant updates and small things, so don’t fret! So let’s kick 2013 in the behind and rock this year! <3 DFTBA
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    Any nerdfighters still active in Indiana? I'm a big fan of Hank and John and everything they do. I live in Indiana and really need to make some new friends. I was hoping this would be an easy way to do that, but no luck so far. :neutral:
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