Any musician nerdfighters?



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  • comealongpondcomealongpond Winnipeg, CanadaPosts: 47
    I play alto sax in concert band and in jazz band. Jazz bands my favourite, even though we only have one trumpet and our trombones aren't the greatest. We have a killer sax section though. I p;ayed piano until last year when I quit because I really wasn't enjoying it. I have yet to find the urge to start playing again, but I'm sure it will hit me soon. 
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  • Jsf8957Jsf8957 MichiganPosts: 9
    I play bassoon, guitar, piano, and I like to think I'm a pretty darn good whistler. Sometimes I sing too, if we're counting voice, which I think we should. 

    I majored in music in college actually. I also, although currently between jobs, work in the live entertainment industry quite a lot. I've worked at Interlochen Center for the Arts (in northern MI), various concert halls, and professional and amateur theatres (that's fancy-speak for theaters) alike. I've performed some gigs as a ringer on bassoon for pit orchestras and community orchestras as well. 
  • PufferfishPufferfish Stealing items from your bookshelfPosts: 111
    I play violin. This'll be my 9th year.
  • I play violin, and am in my school's string orchestra. We're on our fourth year I think (I joined in the second year), so we're pretty new, but I'm amazed at how good we got! I also used to play piano, but I quit this year because of how buried I was in piano lessons and being crushed by the curriculum. I used to play flute too, but things changed when I came to high school, and now my flute's gathering dust and making me feel guilty...
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    Man, I am so late to this party!

    I am a Jill-of-many-trades when it comes to music.  I've been playing piano on and off for 17 years, Clarinet for 12? years, and singing for as long as I can remember.  I've messed around with bass guitar, guitar, tenor saxophone, and flute as well (though I sadly don't own half of those).

    My Clarinet has sadly been collecting dust since I started my job about a year ago; I haven't found a wind ensemble I'm excited about yet.  But I still play piano for funsies, and I'm taking voice lessons and am in an a cappella group at work!
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    I have played violin since 3rd grade, so this is year 9. I play in school orchestra and this year another youth orchestra made up of a few different schools. But I'm also part of a fiddle group that my school has where we play traditional/fiddle music gigs, like for contra dances and at community events or jams. I also go to Maine Fiddle Camp every year. Any other fiddler Nerdfighters out there?
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    I play the euphonium(I like how spellcheck doesn't recognize the word) in symphonic band. I used to play it in jazz band, but I switched to bass this year, after our last one left. In my free time, I try to learn guitar. It's not going terribly well, but I'll probably have time later on, once my life settles down.
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    I play piano, a tiny bit of clarinet, and am slowly learning the violin. I really, really, really want to learn to play the harp and, you know, get one. I actually have this crazy goal to learn every string instrument in existence. I only have...a lot more to go.
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    just plain old piano
  • redisbestredisbest MunichPosts: 17
    So I've played flute for 4ish years now? And I'm sorta decent? Also am I correct in assuming that every nerd that plays a wind instrument can play Hedwig's Theme? Because I'm pretty sure thats a rite of passage
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    Yes am here
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