Any Nerdfighters participating in 2015 Global Climate March???

With the approach of the 2015 United Nations Climate Conference in Paris scheduled to start in a couple of weeks (Nov. 30th), an opportunity for the global community to collectively communicate a message of hope, peace, and support for rapid and equitable progress towards a fossil-free future has presented itself.

Global Climate March: the weekend of November 28th (the two days prior to the conference), "people everywhere are coming together for two weeks of action calling for climate justice and an end to carbon pollution. There are going to be thousands of events (2152+) around the world culminating in a mass mobilisation in Paris on Dec 12th" (the day after the conference ends).

There are a variety of events including: rallies, marches, and candlelight vigils. is where you can search for events near your location. has additional information about the purpose and the specific goals of this action (scroll towards the bottom: under "what we hope to achieve in Paris").

Anyone else planning on attending their local event?

Anyone have any ideas how we might identify ourselves as nerdfighters in the pictures? Or other ways to show group coordination (because isn't that half of the power of a rally or march... the ability to coordinate a large number of people into peaceful action?)?
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