Street Sheet in Charlotte, NC

Hey, so I am hecka new here.
But anyways here be a project. I am 17 years old, living on the fringe between Huntersville and Charlotte and gonna move to Huntersville come January and might not even be in state for college, but I want to start a Street Sheet-esque newsletter. 
The idea of a Street Sheet is for a resource for homeless people written for, by, and distributed by them. There's a large enough homeless population in Charlotte to sustain one, I think, and it would also allow for homeless people to earn money because the profits go to them and to homeless initiatives.
Unfortunatley, I am one person. So I need a lot of people and help for sponsors.
I go to Time Out Youth, and I'm planning on going ahead and asking them for help sometime, since they work a lot of with homeless MOGAI youth and have a housing program and partner with The Relatives, which is a homeless shelter in the area.
Any suggestions for sponsors or for connections or wanting to help set up a website or look for resources - I'm easily distracted so I tend to be very slow between all the projects I wanna start.
Anyways, any help appreciated, and just what d'you guys think?
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