What music should people check out?

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I decided to start this thread after finding a really great singer/songwriter/guitarist named Grace Petrie who I wanted to share with everyone. I really like her music and lyrics. I think my favorite song or hers is "They Shall Not Pass." Look her up on YouTube or go to her site at http://music.gracepetrie.com/.

Does anyone else have music they think everyone should check out?
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    Ah, I'm digging Grace Petrie!

    Considering the popularity of The Mountain Goats amongst Nerdfighters, I think y'all might do well to check out a similar band, Andrew Jackson Jihad:

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    Ayreon. After their recent theatre production and presentation on the 10+-year old album 'The Human Equation', I can only say that the music of Arjen Lucassen is timeless.

    The music is breathtaking, the story that unfolds during the albums are more than just lyrics, nearly poetic and easily comprehensable. Especially the collaboration projects of Arjen Lucassen, also known as Ayreon, are of such a high quality that any metal-fan can appreciate his works. Lots of folk, classical influence as well which allows Lucassen to play with the music. Big chance that if a certain song doesn't sound to your pleasing, you will be able to find another that you are able to dig. He also often stars the lesser and well known metal musicians of around the world. For example James LaBrie (Dream Theater) sung as the main character on 'The Human Equation'.
    This is metal opera at its finest.

    Personally I can recommend these 2 albums:
    The Human Equation (part 1): 
    The Human Equation (part 2): 

    01011001 (part 1): 
    01011001 (part 2): 
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    I have become completely obsessed with the soundtrack to the musical Hamilton! It is so good!!11!!
    *has no idea what else to say*
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    Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes and Smashing Pumpkins
    by beepbop1011
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    Regina Spektor as well as Sleeping at Last.
    by booksandwitching
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    @booksandwitching I like Regina Spektor, too. Out of her songs my favorite is Laughing With God (I just found an interesting commentary on the song: http://mobile.journals.lww.com/academicmedicine/_layouts/15/oaks.journals.mobile/articleviewer.aspx?year=2014&issue=03000&article=00022#ath ).
    Other artists that I've recently started listening to are The Weepies and Kimya Dawson.
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  • Oh, cool. I'm so excited about her new album that I've been listening to all her songs repeatedly. I agree about the commentary, her songs are meaningful and stuff. @TurquoiseBlue
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    This is a person that I was told about by a friend who is pretty awesome.
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    I like Rob Scallon. He's a YouTuber, so I'm sure that at least some of you have heard of him, but he's really creative and has some good songs. He does a lot of guitar/instrumental stuff, and a good chunk of it is metal(which I'm not the biggest fan of), but some of his other songs are really good. My favorite is For That Second.
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    Brand New, who have been around since the early 2000's and are sadly breaking up a after this last tour. Their really good for people that are really into deep, sad, emotional and really well written music.

    Modern Baseball is a great band for anyone that likes very easy to listen to, catchy, and not so serious music with witty writing.

    The Amity Affliction is a good band for anyone who's into Metalcore and likes going on a trip on the feels train. They practically don't have a single song that isn't sad and emotional.

    Knuckle Puck is a great band for anyone who likes shouty, angsty Pop Punk.

    Beartooth, Every time I Die and Architects are all amazing bands to just get all of your anger out too.

    Being as an Ocean is a a very deep, poetic and emotional melodic hardcore band that has a good amount of songs about love and heartbreak.

    La Dispute has amazing writing and some songs are almost just spoken word with instrumentals behind it. (I've find a lot of people who are into Being As An Ocean and Brand New are also into La Dispute).

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    Sigur Ros. They are great band from Island, you can start with any album but my favourite is Ágætis byrjun. Don't be discouraged with not knowing language, I don't know it too and they are great. Also some songs are in non-literal language so you can give them your own meaning.
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