what's the internet etiquette?

I don't understand what's accepted and what's not.
Example Instagram, if I really like a post about say how to make pillows and I want all of my followers to see how funny this is. How do I go about posting this on my page. Do I just giving them credit? Do I have to ask them? Do I just take it and assume they'll be flattered? I DON'T KNOW that why I need help.
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  • LukeLuke Resident Spam Cleaner DublinPosts: 7,881 Admin
    Someone more knowledgeable of Instagram would be able to provide a more focused answer, but I'll say 1 thing.

    If you need to know anything about internet etiquette, it's to not steal. (in general). If they say that you can repost their property (because that's what it is), and just give them credit then you can do that. Don't ever just take someone else's work and post it as your own. Whether you intended it like that or not, that is what it is. 

    This particular piece of etiquette seems to have been lost in the world of YouTube and Tumblr (and others)

    Here's some excuses that aren't valid:
    "I'm just promoting them" No you're not. You're promoting yourself using their content. If you want to promote them just link to their work
    "But they don't have their work on X yet. I'm just trying to improve their audience" (where X is a site like Instagram, Facebook, twitter and so on). This is their choice. If you post someone else's work on your Tumblr, reblogs excepted, you're promoting it as your own.
    "Well, I didn't think they'd care, and I really liked it" You don't know if they care or not. They created it, and unless they gave you a license or permission to do so, you don't get to use it.

    So now you know one thing that's not accepted by the majority of creators
  • TelMolagMoraTelMolagMora Alliance, OhioPosts: 516 ✭✭
    Anything from Instagram that I repost I always give credit to where I found it. Sometimes its tricky to determine the actual source though, especially with memes. I swear, every comedy page just scans Reddit and 4chan for all their material, gives it a caption, and call it their own. As well, there are times when its obvious that I'm reposting from the actual source, for me its owners of cute goats and bunnies. Just say where you saw it from & give credit and that should be a good "minimum" of citation, in my opinion at least.
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  • Gara_the_engineerGara_the_engineer In a log house at the edge of the forestPosts: 633 ✭✭✭
    I don't think there's any real set of internet etiquette rules. As @Luke says, you have to keep to the laws and avoid stealing and stuff, but I don't think I've ever heard any widely accepted etiquette apart from Wheaton's Law: "Don't be a d*ck"
    Generally, if you just think before you post and avoid being disrespectful towards people, then you'll be a kinder internet user than average.
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