Mine Spill Contamination in the Animas River

So, as many of you may have heard, the EPA accidentally released 1 million gallons (and counting) of mine waste waters into the Animas River which runs through Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. The mine water is filled with heavy metals, including cadmium, arsenic, copper, lead, zinc, and possibly mercury, which has rendered the river orange and heightened its acidity to that of black coffee. I live in an area heavily affected by the mine spill. Most of the businesses in my area depend on irrigation and water from the river for crops, livestock, general farming, and natural gas. I also live close to a Native American reservation that almost solely depends on this river to survive and thrive. My town, and many others, are being rendered useless and dangerous due to this mine spill; for example, my town currently has only three weeks of clean city water in its reserve. I, along with many others, feel that this spill is not getting the attention and discussion that it needs. I am looking for awesome, intelligent people, such as nerdfighters, to discuss this disaster the way it needs to be discussed. Any conversation will be appreciated here. DFTBA.
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