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MajestasMajestas MassachusettsPosts: 6
I have been on some other forums and a lot of them have this button where you click on it and it marks all of the discussions as read. That way, because you are new and everything says it must be read, that no longer happens. I really like that because then I can see where exactly people post and stuff. Anyway, is that a thing here and if not, can it be a thing? Thanks.


  • MichkovMichkov Posts: 105 ✭✭
    Only on a subforum level. When you hover the mouse over the links on the main page of the forum a cog should appear on the right. Click that and you can mark that forum as read, or hide it.

    A global mark as read button doesn't exist as far as I'm aware. I've asked for one many months ago so chances are low that there will be one soon IMO.
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