Inaccuracies general

I'd like to make a list for direct lies or contradictions told on scishow and scishow space

This thread is specifically for
•direct contradictions
This include contradictions between episodes
This includes anything that is known by the scientific community to be wrong

All posts in this thread should link the video(s) in question and if applicable a source to the claimed inaccuracy (such as a Wikipedia article)

Discussion of inaccuracies is encouraged


  • 420beefcake420beefcake Posts: 2
    edited June 2015
    In this video

    A bit after 1:40 it is stated that "thorium emits alpha particles which are less dangerous than uraniums gamma particles"
    Though it is true that thorium emits alpha particles it is not true that uranium emits gamma particles
    Or rather more accurately both uranium and thorium are primarily alpha particle sources but both of them produce small amounts of gamma particles which are mostly byproducts of the alpha particles

    It should be considered that this is not the case when uranium or thorium is being used as a nuclear fuel
    As in this case both are primarily gamma particle sources and are also neutron sources

    In this video

    It is stated that the fission components of the Tsar Bomb were 50 megatons
    50 megatons is the yield of the bomb as a whole not the fission components
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