Who's your favorite YouTuber

justanotherguy45justanotherguy45 Moss point, Mississippi Posts: 20
So I have lots of favorite you tubers, vlogbrothers, the reel rejects, markiplier, Tyler Oakley, and Hannah hart just to name a few so who are all of ya'lls favorite youtubers
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  • RylanorRylanor Posts: 2
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    I'm torn between most entertaining, informative and lovely guys: John & Hank, and most hilarious, adorable and lovely: Dan & Phil. I only discovered everyone about two years ago, loved John & Hank at first sight of the awesome, but slipped into loving Dan & Phil last month (and that fandom is one heck of a rabbithole. I don't go in for "phan", I won't go on).

    Also love Tyler Oakley's easygoing charm and positivity, Jon Cozart's humour and good music, FreddeGredde's music and Kristina Horner, the first youtuber I discovered via the NaNoWriMo song. I'm glad I've got one woman in there. I do like the comedy side of things where there are a lot of brilliant women, but vlogging and music speak to my heart more. I'm not so into the makeup where there are also many women, but I do like SprinkleofGlitter's style. I don't know how all these women can put all the makeup on every day, though. I have a soft spot for JacksGap too, they're one of the first channels I liked a lot and they're doing good things.
  • anxiously_awareanxiously_aware Depends on the hourPosts: 131 ✭✭
    I really like Rob Scallon. He's an amazing guitar, bass, cello, and pretty much everything player(he somehow got hold of a theramin once). He's extraordinarily creative, and it's really interesting the way he approaches music.
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  • idealwebidealweb Posts: 2
    i just enjoy watching videos not focus on any particular youtuber
  • bluestarbluestar Posts: 6
    idealweb said:

    i just enjoy watching videos not focus on any particular youtuber

    Same here.. Just like watching random videos.
  • EriEri Posts: 2
    Alec Steele <3 a 20 year old lil kiddo who forges freaking awesome damascus steel stuff for a living.
  • mcpon14mcpon14 Posts: 7 Newbie
    Whichever youtuber uploaded the previous day's fights.
  • Aiko19Aiko19 Posts: 8 Newbie
    YouTube Animation Community, DanTDM, The Game Theorists, Mother's Basement, etc.
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