Nerdfighter made board game based on "A Song of Ice and Fire"

FoolsMaesterFoolsMaester Posts: 1

Cyvasse is a board game in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series of books written by George R. R. Martin. Despite playing a prominent roll in many chapters and plot lines no official or complete version of the game has been released. So in the spirit of "well someone's got to" two friends decided to try. Over the course of a year rules were written and edited, a board was designed, built, redesigned, and built again. We've taken to calling ourselves collectively Iron Bank Gaming and this is our version of Cyvasse.

The author has said the game is "part chess, part blitzkrieg, part statego" which we tried to stay true to. If you feel like staring down you're buddy (or brother) and watching him cower before you superior cunning maybe try playing our game? Then let us know how it goes? Maybe tell us if parts of our rules are unclear or hard to follow? Maybe just talk strategy in general? We're new here, we don't know how this normally works.

On the site we have a full rule book as well as a printable version of the game. There's no color art just 4 black and white pages so its easy to print.

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