The screenplay of a century

Firstly, let me say hello to the great big world of Nerdfighteria! Brand new to this site, but I've been a Nerdfighter for awhile now.

Anyways, I'm here to ask y'all about screenplays, those most enigmatic of things. For my English class, I have to write some/all of a screenplay... but I have no idea how to go about that.

How does one format a sceenplay?

How do you make dialogue believable/more suitable for the silver screen?

Any other tips?

If you've written a screenplay, feel free to share! I'd love to have some good examples to go off of.


  • MindInTheStarsMindInTheStars EnglandPosts: 6
    edited May 2015
    This is probably a bit late, but I'll put in my two pence :) Screenwriting has lots of little bits in it, but the main thing is that all directions are across the page and all speech is typically centered. Also character names tend to be in all caps. I'll be able to give an example later so expect an edit and further info to appear later :)

    Oh! A good program to use is Celtx! It's free as far as I can remember, and a very good template for learning to write screenplays :)
  • DragonsAndDreamersDragonsAndDreamers USA!Posts: 2
    No, not late at all! (It's not due for another week or so.)
    Ah, thank you! I've been reading around and some of them are in different formats, which can be really annoying.

    Ooooh-- I like this Celtx. It's really useful-- thank you so much for pointing that out to me, I'm definitely going to use that :) 
  • MindInTheStarsMindInTheStars EnglandPosts: 6
    No Problem! Celtx is a really good standard, and I used it in all of my Uni projects and got good marks! I've been trying to find examples, but it turns out they're on a different hard drive, so lots of digging for me to do >.<

    Good luck on your assignment! :D
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