A pointless thought on Katherines

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I just finished reading AoK and loved it. There is a technical difficulty though. I know I'm probably being too analytical or lame or something, but on the front cover of the dust cover on my version there is a footnote 1 by John Green. This footnote leads right below his name saying "Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Fault in Our Stars. I appreciate that they were making a book reference, but the first footnote in the actual book says "Greek: "I have found it." (the footnote was referring to the word "eureka") What's more, by the about the author section on the dust cover there is another footnote 1 by John Green, and this one leads to "Before John got married, he was dumped fifty-three times, but never by a Katherine. He now lives with his wife and son in Indianapolis." There are three footnotes 1 in the book. The one in the about the author section should be an 88 if the one on the front cover isn't changed. I know that these probably won't be changed, but anyway, I will continue. The footnote 1 on the front of the dust cover must turn into a zero. They cannot change all of the footnotes in this book to be one more, making the first actual footnote 2 because of other dust covers. Therefore on the front cover it would be a zero, or better yet an asterisk, although this takes away from the whole footnote reference.

If you feel that you have wasted your time by reading this post, I'm sorry. I did include the word "pointless" in the title of this discussion though.
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    No opinion is pointless, and thatS why I love nerdfighteria so much, its about loving the world and talking about common interests (at least that S what it is for me). If fact you just talked about really bothers me as well, I was reading the book one day when I stoped and was thinking about what I read when I saw the cover and noticed exactly what you mentioned. I think its really cool that I'm not the only one who first of all noticed, and secound was bothered by it. I don't expect John to do anything about it because its not a huge problem, but its kind of cool to talk about anyway.

    My point is this, first never think your alone because people like me and other nerdfighters will always be kicking around to find each other and talk about things. Secound nothing that is mentioned that is not worth mentioning, there will always we someone to listen and debate. Third is the most important, and I can not stress this one enough.... Dftba!
  • I love AoK, but this too bothers me. I own the paperback edition which is even worse because, I don't know if you're aware, it has even more footnotes. So, "behind the cover" ,I would say, where there should be nothing but a beautiful blank space there's a "books by john green" section. This section includes a picture of the cover of each of the books from LFA to let it snow, and it even includes AoK (whyyyyyy‽‽ I'm already reading it!! It does not need to be included!!!). Anyways, there's a footnote for each of the books that contains reviews and prizes and all that stuff. They are 6 footnotes. So, not only are there four 1 footnotes, but there are also two 2-6 footnotes. This might be a pointless discussion, but rest assured that you are not the only one who is bothered by this.
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