I'm new, Is this "Your Pants" as talked about in old vlogbrothers videos?

I'm new to Nerdfightaria and I am not sure is Your Pants still exists, or if this is it, because I am just up to the change from 3 vids a week to 2.  Any help?


  • ZoaThePersonZoaThePerson Nevada, the land o' dirtPosts: 243 ✭✭
    Your pants do not exist anymore (hehe). In the very beginning there was "my pants" but it had problems so there was a new one, "your pants." That one also had problems so it was replaced by "our pants."
    We must bring back the interrobang. What's an interrobang‽ 
    What do you mean "what's an interrobang?" 
    ‽ < that's an interrobang. a grammatically correct alternative to "?!" or "!?"

  • candycaincandycain Posts: 5
  • AndroZeusAndroZeus ScandinaviaPosts: 8
    A better name, tbh. More inclusive.
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