Your books

How do you guys fund your books and projects? Or do you just write in your free time? How do you guys promote your books without being obnoxious? Has anyone been picked up by a legit publishing house?

I'm working on this book project (Seeds in a Dark Fruit Sky) - and I'm going to try a Kickstarter campaign to pay people that are helping with it, but I wanted to see what everyone else is doing. I've been cold e-mailing organizations that are connected with my book's premise to see if they'd be interested, and also some media outlets and have actually gotten some great responses. I've e-mailed over 250 people/organizations with 27 positive replies. That's not a great rate of return, but it's through cold e-mails, so that's not too bad.

How do you guys get the word out? How much time do you spend in a given week to write and/or promote?


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