NerdCon 2015 in Minneapolis

Hey there Nerdfighters!

Is anyone else attending NerdCon?  


  • beccalynn311beccalynn311 Posts: 104 ✭✭
    I watched the video and it took me all of 12 hours to bup a ticket
  • moder016moder016 MinneapolisPosts: 2
    I almost regret spending all of my last paycheck on a ticket... Almost.
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  • annakingannaking Posts: 3
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    I'll be at Nerdcon for my birthday gift! I'm actually a public speaker, and am trying to get the opportunity to share my story at Nerdcon. I'm 15, and just 7 months ago I had a heart transplant. I made this video to show why I want to speak at Nerdcon! I'm trying to get this to Hank & John, so I would love (and need) support from fellow Nerdfighters! It would be amazing if you guys could check out this video! DFTBA!! :) 

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  • Bibliophile_WriterBibliophile_Writer MassachusettsPosts: 4
    I'll be there. This will be my first convention in a while and first nerdfighter *thing* ever. 

    I'm looking for people to split a room with - does anyone want to share a two bed room?
  • Nebula2029Nebula2029 Posts: 1 Newbie
    If there's anyone who's willing to share a hotel, please contact me. I'm really desperate for a hotel that's no to expensive and close to the convention center.
  • un_beknownstun_beknownst Posts: 55 ✭✭
    I think I'm going. I won't be able to buy my ticket for another few weeks, so I guess it'll depend on availability. I also won't be able to sort out accommodations until closer to the end of summer. (The hotel is waaaaaaay too expensive for me. I'll probably hit up Airbnb or something.)
  • beccalynn311beccalynn311 Posts: 104 ✭✭
    I want to find a room near the convention center and If any of you are normal and wont murder me message me!
  • NerdWriterFighterNerdWriterFighter HogwartsPosts: 167 ✭✭
    I want to go, but it is $100 dollars per ticket.  I can't afford that!
  • singingwritingsingingwriting Minnesota, USA Posts: 25
    @NerdWriterFighter I'm in the same boat.
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  • NaleriNaleri Posts: 1
    I'll be there! I can't help anyone with a hotel room, since I'll be staying with family in Minneapolis. BUT I'm looking for folks to hang out with while I'm there. Right now the plan is to wander around alone, awkwardly. I'd like to have someone to wander around awkwardly with.

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  • anyaspaizanyaspaiz FloridaPosts: 38
    Me too! I can't wait.

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  • all4114allall4114all Posts: 1
    This will be my first time actually partaking in nerdfighteria not just watching from the outside. Dose anyone know if there looking for volunteers?
  • sweetly_cynicalsweetly_cynical San Jose, CAPosts: 3
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    Hi all4114all,
    here's a link you might be interested in : )
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