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migodelfinmigodelfin Manila, Philippines Posts: 4
What's good fellow nerdfighters! 
I'm Migo, and I am new here in the forums but I have been a nerdfighter for a while now! 

I was thinking of making a section where we can just post our works of writing such as poems or short-stories, somewhat like a freedom wall for literature! 

Anyways, I hope we can all learn and help out! This can be a good avenue for us to write freely and get better at it together.

Don't forget to be awesome!!


  • migodelfinmigodelfin Manila, Philippines Posts: 4
    By the way, how can I post photos here? HAHA! I'm sorry...
  • TelMolagMoraTelMolagMora Alliance, OhioPosts: 516 ✭✭
    I dug up this awful sonnet I wrote before I started dating my girlfriend. I don't like it, but couldn't bring myself to get rid of it, so you guys get to suffer from it.

    For you my dear, I bestow you my stare.
    Though seemingly worthless and terrifies,
    Please try to understand the subtle care
    And fondness gleaming forth from meager eyes.
    From you my dear, I see beauty that pries
    And plants itself into my thoughts daily.
    Though not only superficial, realize
    The "looks" I speak of are your stares at me.
    My dear, the gazes shared between us plea
    To thrive and become akin like couples.
    Though in my mind I fear, that we might flee
    From each of our attempts to get cuddles.
    I now ask you my dear, shall we create
    A bond that's been waiting for eighteen years?

    God this makes me cringe.
    무세이 알렉스, remember the name.
  • TelMolagMoraTelMolagMora Alliance, OhioPosts: 516 ✭✭
    I just realized the last couplet doesn't rhyme, this thing just gets worse man.
    무세이 알렉스, remember the name.
  • LuxiemLuxiem OklahomaPosts: 2
    edited July 2015
    I definitely wouldn't say it's that bad, maybe a tad specific, but at worst it's a good first draft: Loud and to the point.

    I bring with me a poem I jotted into drive while working one day. After a while of sitting there unnamed, I looked back at it and found I rather enjoyed it. Then again I'm the most biased person possible, so I can't trust what I think! haha, despite enjoying it, I haven't yet named it, here is Untitled 02.

    Life is an endless ocean of sorrow,
    Ending to-day but back for the morrow.
    The point of this journey is not to give in,
    But to laugh and love and connect from within.

    The countless people from every day,
    All moving about in a similar way.
    You don't know the joy you could stir in one’s heart,
    If you just reached out and made them a part.

    People are a vast sea of hope,
    Keeping our heads up and helping us cope.
    It's strange now to think that we ever were sad,
    But the tide is ever changing which isn't so bad.

    It allows each day to differ from the last,
    Creating a history we call our past.
    It’s important, though, to look quite ahead,
    To pick a future and believe it instead.

    For what is the point of it being to-morrow,
    If the day is still steeped in your sorrow.
    Be it better now to look towards the light,
    Than to spend an eternity feeling contrite.
  • fingerscrossedfingerscrossed MainePosts: 164 ✭✭
    Here's my most recent poem for you all, tentatively titled "Poetry is Easy". It's a different style from the others on the thread (I am a big fan of enjambment) and I would appreciate your guys' thoughts.

    Poetry is easy.
    Just let your soul
    flow out your fingers
    until it fills the page.
    Just let the ink
    be your life blood.

    Just let your thoughts simmer till
    they overfill your mind and
    trickle down the sides
    of your head and into your eyes,
    slowly blinding you.

    Let your memories be realized.
    Let your secrets be spoken;
    let your heart be split open
    for the world to see.
    There are only two kinds of people in the world: those who can extrapolate from incomplete data
  • CourtneyDingreCourtneyDingre AlbertaPosts: 1
    Hey everyone! I'm brand new, but I've been writing poetry for a while now, there's a link to my blog in my dooblydo, but I wrote this one today and if anyone has any thoughts or comments or anything about it I would love to hear it!

    Swimming Lessons

    I used to be able to hold my breath really well
    I was a terrible swimmer but could last longer under water than the kid with the best backstroke in my third grade swimming class
    I miss the sounds of voices through water
    Distilled into friendly echoes through the white noise of the pool
    The light bounced back and forth off the surface as if playing some game I was privy to
    But always there was the stinging ache in my desperate lungs and the bitter regret of not having gills
    And always the painful assault piercing on my ears when I surfaced. Now grown, sometimes I dream about drowning.
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