So I'm thinking about starting a Nerdfighter club?

So I've noticed that there is a decent population of Nerdfighters at my university, but we don't have a club here.  I think it'd be really cool to organize fundraisers for things like P4A and Relay for Life.  I'm currently picturing it like a mix between a social and a service club.  I would hopefully be able to organize regular events for Nerdfighters to hang out and meet each other, and I'd want to establish some volunteering events for the club as well.

Does anyone here have any experience running a Nerdfighter club at a university?  Or have any ideas for what sort of social or service events I could run?  Any sort of pitfalls I should watch out for?

A bit of a stretch, but if any of you happen to go to CWRU and are interested the idea, let me know!
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