Hey, folks, I would like some feedback and stuff. Here's the link.




  • MoundfreekMoundfreek Colorado SpringsPosts: 17

    Hi @NackPT. I’ve read Fixing the Hole. It’s amazing…. No joke!!

    First, you are writing relationships, not just one, but many
    different kinds. This, I think, is one of the hardest parts of writing because
    it develops the depth in characters. We all react with our peers and family slightly
    differently, and the more you can write into a story the better. Second, you
    are writing traces of romance. Now, I’m romance-impaired when it comes to
    stories, so I think anyone who can write a whisper of anything love-related is

    Can't wait to see more!

    I am a professional ecologist with ulcerative colitis .... but am not Hank. Books and nerds are my favorite.
  • NackPTNackPT Posts: 41
    @Moundfreek Thank you so much! DFTBA.
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