"Indigo Frost and The Seven Techies" -Caity K. Williams

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I wrote a novel length story a few years ago and I have posted it on Swoon Reads. Swoon Reads is a website that you post your YA Romance novel length stories on and you read and rate other peoples stories and then they pick a few to give a publishing deal every few months. At the moment I'm trying to get people to read and rate and comment on my story so I might be able to get published. "Indigo Frost and The Seven Techies" is about:

When Indigo Frost’s uncle dies she has to move from Australia to New York. So her parents can take over the family businesses. In this strange new environment she can’t seem to do anything right, in her first week of school she manages to enrage the queen B, as well as get the attention of the most popular boy in school and as a result she gets exiled. Lucky she finds friends on the out skirts on high school society, the tech club. Will these 7 nerds be good enough friends to keep her distracted from the most popular boy in school? Most importantly, will she be able to get through the next few months alive? Indigo Frost and the seven techies is a contemporary retelling of Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

The story is full with geeky references and the main character is a Hufflepuff!. Please if you have any time check it out and comment and rate for me. This website might also be useful for anyone else that is looking for a place to get there YA romance fiction published.
My story can be found at: http://www.swoonreads.com/m/indigo-frost-and-the-7-techies-2
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