Society Lost - A current roleplay that I'm working on at school

Hi, I'm new here. I came across this site at random. Anyway, at school, I am currently a struggling GM for an original universe of my own creation. I'm new to being a GM with an organized system, but I'm an experienced online role-player and I also do LARPING. As for the universe, here is everything that I already have for the system;

  1. The role-play takes place in a town called Odyssey, which is located near a government facility. (I originally made it a Power Plant, but then I decided for some reason to make it where the plant is actually a cover-up for a research facility, don't know how that really works though. XD) 
  2. I have a story for which the rp is based off of, and it takes place 2-3 years after said story.
In 2012 (or unspecified year; it takes place in modern day though. My main character in the story has a black Kawasaki Ninja H2 so, yeah...). The government started to experiment on an unknown metal that fell from space. Everything was going well; but as we well know, nothing well can last. As they were doing a new test on the metal, it reacted to the power source and caused a worldwide EMP field. The electricity went out, but that wasn't the only thing that happened that day, for life as we knew it, would change forever. The EMP had caused either death on impact, didn't affect it victims, or turned said victims into either two types of mutants; Necrolings, which are disformed mutants who last their humanity but retained their primal instincts, or Evolved, which gives them power. The humans who survived the blast figured this out, and started among a road of destruction to destroy them. However, the mutants fought back.

ANYWAY, that is everything that I have at the moment, but please give me some feedback! Thanks~

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  • Hi! Hope you're doing great! I like your story pretty much and I read at that roleplays are quite useful to boost creativity and confidence! I don't understand why too few people at my school is into it!
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    Ok, as a novice author myself, I feel as though I can help you. (You can follow none of the things I say if you want, its your story) What I would like to see is the main character/characters going to the source of the EMP, where it all started. Perhaps, in the end, we can have some Necrolings, Evolved mutants, and humans make a pact, perhaps starting, at the end, to use the metal for commercial purposes, much like vibranium in Wakanda. It could end on a sad note though, you can mold the story to your will. Since it takes place in 2012, unless you can specify which country this takes place in, which I hope you do. To add iconic 2012 technology, places, landmarks, they don't have to be part of the story, but if you do include them, it will reinforce the fact that this takes place in 2012. I also would love to hear your sequel, as this has huge, huge, potential. The main character should take a side in the mutant-human war, remaining in the middle is a bit cliche in my opinion. The story should end with peace among the mutants, I absolutely recommend you check out the channel extra history and see their Sengoku Jidai, and WW1 series, they are filled with politics and drama, and bravery, so if you see those, you may be able to see how real war looks like, and make it more realistic, I feel as though the necrolings, retaining primal human instincts, should be able to retain protective instincts for our loved ones. So there has to be an arc about that.
    Yeah, this has great potential, so keep on going!
    It would be great if both of us could work together on our respective projects!
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