Oh, Canada.



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    @Jalestro Ouch! You call it fake London? Hahahah with my tendency to have an accent sometimes, people automatically think I'm from London, England. x: It's a bit of a funny moment when I explain my tendency and that I'm from the Ontario London. c: And a gathering in London would be super cool, I have a couple friends back home that are nerdfighters too. They're less involved in websites like these though.

    @Meredith Oh my god Granton! I have heard of it. In passing, but yep. That's awesome that it's so tiny. I mean it must not leave much for you to do there but still. Does it have a local Tim's?
    by Cassie
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    I suppose I should poke my head in here as well. I'm another Ontarian, located about 30 minutes north of Barrie.
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    @Cassie It's the only way I have to distinguish between this London and the real London when on twitter and facebook.  Too many friends in both that get confused otherwise.

    I also really enjoy the implication that a town isn't a proper town without a local Tim's. ;)  Not disagreeing, just enjoying.
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    bclostfan said:
    Hi, I'm Steve from Vancouver (Coquitlam) I've been watching Vlogbrothers videos since around 2008 but i just signed into Nerdfighteria tonight. Great to see fellow Canadians on this site.
    That's so cool! My dad, also a nerdfighter works as a teacher in Coquitlam. I'm from Vancouver.
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    @Jalestro Oh okay, that's a bit nicer of a way to put it I suppose.
    Hahahah a lot of people seem to be appreciating that distinction of mine lately. But it's true for me; being from a small town it's very central to my point of view. ...If that makes any sense.
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    @Cassie...the fact that there is someone on the internet that knows where Granton is has made my entire night..and alas no Tims! We don't have a lot of anything to be frank so no...I don't leave the house very often!
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    I'm Victoria, most people call me Tori, I'll be 16 in a few weeks and I'm from B.C :D
    Victoria aka Tori
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    @torisaurus5 Happy (almost) Birthday, Tori! :)
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  • Hey guys, I'm Rachel, youse guys can call me Coon, or Rach, or whatever. I'm originally from Philadelphia.

    I'm in Ontario- the GTA, about 45 minutes or so from Toronto.
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    Kevin, from Kitchener. Greetings!
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    I'm not Canadian, but I'm living in Vancouver right now =)
    Nerdfighter Erika from Brazil
  • Meredith said:
    I'm from an extremely small town about twenty minutes away from THAT London, London Ontario. I would absolutely love to go to a nerdfighter gathering and hopefully this sight can help me find one close! PS Can we please discuss the video in which John explains his difficulties entering our country? I was heartbroken!
    I'm in Sarnia, which isn't too too far from THAT London either.
  • jalestro said:
    Meredith said:
    Cassie said:
    Hello fellow Nerdfighters! I'm Cassie. I'm from THAT London as well but apparently sound like I'm from the UK some days. It's a tendency.
    @Meredith I really want to know what the 20 minutes small town is! I'll probably know it.
    @Cassie: It's called Granton...it has about 300 people and is approximately one and a half city blocks...I think people have literally blinked and missed it
    Hi Cassie and Meredith, and all the other Canadian nerdfighters!  I'm originally from Winnipeg but currently in THAT London (I tend to refer to it as "fake London") for Law School.

    We should organize a London gathering so we don't have to go all the way to Toronto or Waterloo to meet other awesome people.
    @jalestro  I'm totally in for this.  I live in Sarnia, but I have a car.  I'm also willing to pick people up in the small communities along the way.  I do it to for NanNoWriMo write ins.
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    @teknicolourful I will do my best to organize something before I leave town for the holidays.  Exams are going to make this tough, but hopefully we can make something work.  I'm going to split this off into its own thread. (if this were a video I would make a dramatic cut here... oh well)
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    Hi! I'm Liz. 

    I'm a "psuedo" Canadian (American living in Canada, and it shows when I pronounce "z" as "zee" and not "zed"). I recently moved to Victoria to start grad school so I will be living here for the foreseeable future. 

    If there is any other Nerdfighters in the area that would be awesome because I moved here from California so I don't know many people up here. 
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    @nerdlizzie Well welcome to Canada! I have a few friends out in the Victoria area and they say it is beautiful out there - so I hope you are enjoying it too. Which subject area are you studying?
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    @Belisarius Thanks! It is absolutely gorgeous out here. I'm a half a mile from the beach yet I still live in a forest. (This is different, coming from California, and not the fun part of California everyone assumes you are from.)

    I'm studying marine geology/sediment dynamics. To put it simply, I enjoy looking at sand and how it moves in coastal/marine environments. 
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    Hello, I'm Bri. 
    Originally from Calgary, but studying theatre at UVic.
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    @BananaBat UVic? Me too!
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    Hey! I would really like to come to the TO nerdfighter gathering this Saturday if I can make it- can anyone tell me what the plan is/ what we're going to be up to?
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    by Lishwa

  • amylee said:
    Hi, I'm Amy and I come from Northern Ontario about 5 hours north of North Bay. I'll be going to Uni in Toronto next year, and I hope that I'll be able to meet some Nerdfighter when I get there. I've never met a Nerdfighter before, and I can't wait to meet one. I feel that we are a huge community but we're scattered around the world and that complicated a lot of things. I hope this site will make us all closer.
    !!!! Another Northerner! :D I grew up in Iroquois Falls, and now living in Sudbury :) I've never met any nerdfighters either, we're a rare kind up north I guess. 
    I'm in Timmins, so you can add another northerner to the list :)
  • I'm Lindsay.

    Originally from Medicine Hat, Alberta... but have called Edmonton, Alberta my home for the last 5 years.
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    Hi, I'm Gillian :) I'm from Oakville, Ontario but I'm at school in London, Ontario now
    by GillianArcus
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    Hi! :) I'm Michaela, any other Newfoundland nerdfighters out there?
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    Hello, Yonah here!

    Originally from Toronto, though I go to school in Halifax right now. I like talking about controversial things and making up definitions that are better than the ones the dictionaries give (which isn't too hard, considering how silly dictionary definitions sometimes are).

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    Aww. I was totally at Union today too, and I missed it. Had to go to the reference library.
    Also, hey everyone! You can call me Belle, though that's not my name. I'm from Toronto, I go to UofT, and I may or may not have made awkward nerdfighter hand signs at you. Nice to meet you. -extends hand for handshake-

    Also! I don't have a facebook. Is there going to be another gathering any time soon?
    by Adorabelle
  • Hello I'm was born in Toronto but basically grew up in the Greater Vancouver Area of BC. I've never been to nerdfighter gathering :( since I just became a nerdfighter this fall. But I'm really enjoying it!
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    @Adorabelle I sorry you missed the last gathering it was on Saturday at Union Station. I will try to post more information about future events here so bookmark this discussion (the little star at the right of the discussion title) and hopefully we will be able have another gathering soon!
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