Oh, Canada.

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Hello nerdfighters from/in Canada.

My name is James, and I am currently living in Toronto. I am on an exchange year at Ryerson University, as I am originally from London, UK. 
Yes that London, not Ontario. :)

I attended my first nerdfighter gathering in October 2012, with several other members of the Toronto nerdfighter FB group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/185861858116897/). 
It would be nice to see even more people at the next gathering, currently scheduled for November 2012. 

Introduce yourselves, and hi!

@turini2 on the tweets
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  • rlpdeanrlpdean Posts: 5
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    Howdy! I'm a Canadian here too, from Winnipeg though. My name's Becky. Nice to meetcha! *shakes hand*
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  • TheJessicersTheJessicers Posts: 19
    Aw I'm from the other side of the country D:
    I'm Jessica and I live in BC :D
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  • Greetings from Surrey, BC! 

    My name's Jackie. 
  • ShreyaShreya Posts: 1
    Hello Becky and James :) 
    I'm Shreya and I go to Ryerson too! I'm originally from India and I've come to Canada to study fashion design. I didn't know we had a Toronto gathering of nerdfighters! Thats so cool :) what did you guys do? 

  • ThatsNoDooryardThatsNoDooryard Posts: 45 ✭✭
    @TheJessicers I get what you mean, I'm from Fredericton, New Brunswick the other other side of the country. 

  • MeredithMeredith Posts: 40
    I'm from an extremely small town about twenty minutes away from THAT London, London Ontario. I would absolutely love to go to a nerdfighter gathering and hopefully this sight can help me find one close! PS Can we please discuss the video in which John explains his difficulties entering our country? I was heartbroken!
  • HannahMeiHannahMei Posts: 31
    Greetings from Vancouver, BC! It's so cool to know that all you Canadians nerdfighters exist! Just at my high school, I know of at least 10 or so nerdfighters. Nice to meet all of you, I'm Hannah :)
  • Hello, I'm from Regina, Saskatchewan. My name is Sarah by the way. It's nice to learn about the existence of other Canadian Nerdfighters :)
  • Hey! I'm Jenna, I'm from the toronto area as well! So lovely to see so many canadian nerds 

  • MaddieFeyMaddieFey Posts: 16
    Hi! I'm Maddie, originally from Ottawa, but currently studying at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Anyone else on the east coast? 
  • Hello everyone, I'm Noemi, from Nova Scotia. :)
    I find it quite sad that we all live in the same country, but so far away from each other...
  • kpo987kpo987 Posts: 3
    Heyyyy Nova Scotians! I'm here too! I've never met a nerdfighter irl, we should fix that sometime.
  • kpo987kpo987 Posts: 3
    Oh and I'm Kassia.
  • bclostfanbclostfan Posts: 3
    Hi, I'm Steve from Vancouver (Coquitlam) I've been watching Vlogbrothers videos since around 2008 but i just signed into Nerdfighteria tonight. Great to see fellow Canadians on this site.
  • BootyPrioriBootyPriori Posts: 20
    Felix from Montréal, Qc. :) Nice to meet you all
  • lolathecoconutlolathecoconut Montreal, CanadaPosts: 62
    Hello, my name is Grace. I'm going to school in Montreal right now, but I spend about half my life in Mississauga (just outside Toronto) since it's my hometown, and I'm happily up for any gatherings if I'm in the area.
  • ngirardngirard Posts: 4

    I'm Natalie. I live in Mississauga and spend a lot of time in various locations in Toronto. 

    I'm currently a teacher at Sheridan College teaching web development. Lots of fun. 

    I'm looking forward to perhaps meeting some of you. :)
  • ColetteColette Posts: 33
    Hi!  I'm Colette!
    I live in a small town near Windsor, Ontario.
    It's nice to meet fellow Canadian nerdfighters. :)
  • marian_ettemarian_ette Posts: 3
    I'm Marian, from Ottawa. 
    @Meredith, I concur. Did anyone else sign the petition(s) that are out there on the interwebs to get him off the list of undesirables? I'm not even sure if it would do anything to help...but hey.
  • poisonivypoisonivy Posts: 1
    My name is Erin. I'm hoping to get more involved in nerdfighteria. I live in Halton Hills and I'm wondering where in Toronto is this gathering. I'm hoping to go sounds like allot of fun.

  • shaunaaaahshaunaaaah Posts: 113 ✭✭
    Originally from Pickering (Eastern GTA) I'm in Ottawa for University. Wondering more specifically when this Toronto Gathering is, if I can I might come.
  • CassieCassie Posts: 14
    Hello fellow Nerdfighters! I'm Cassie. I'm from THAT London as well but apparently sound like I'm from the UK some days. It's a tendency.
    @Meredith I really want to know what the 20 minutes small town is! I'll probably know it.
  • MaddieFieldMaddieField Posts: 3
    Hey, I'm Maddie too! I'm from a few hours north of Toronto, but I go to school in Guelph. I went to the Toronto nerdfighter gathering in September, and I'm planning on making it to the November gathering as well - really looking forward to it!
  • SophiaSophia Posts: 46 ✭✭
    poisonivy said:
    My name is Erin. I'm hoping to get more involved in nerdfighteria. I live in Halton Hills and I'm wondering where in Toronto is this gathering. I'm hoping to go sounds like allot of fun.

    @poisonivy - it's at Union Station, at the top of the staircase, November 24th, 1pm. You can see the event here. If it doesn't let you see, you'll have to join the Toronto Nerdfighter group first, here.
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  • any word of a nerdfighter gathering in vancouver/fraser valley? if not, we need one
  • turini2turini2 Posts: 5
    @Shreya Yeah, not much, we decorated pumpkins and stuff, and generally hung out :)

    @turini2 on the tweets
    EG Tea. I'm British, how could you tell?
  • Hi, I'm Katie from Maple Ridge BC! (kiiiinda nearish to Vancouver!)
    Is there a nerdfighter group in Vancouver and/or around there?
    because ohhh my gosh, we fo defs need a group and some meetups!
    I know about 5 other nerdfighters and we all want one!!

    A BC Homestuck group.
    Let me tell you about Homestuck.
  • chri4481chri4481 Posts: 4
    I am Christi, I am from the GTA, I live about 1 hour away from Toronto. I have a bunch of friends who are also nerdfighters and have been one for 4 years or so. I am in my victory lap at school and doing University Applications! *Stress* B-)
    Christi K
    Toronto ON CA
    DFTBA! B-)
  • SmurfieSmurfie Posts: 29
    Hey all! Burnaby, BC (right next to Vancouver) here.
  • Hi! Fellow Canadian here (well, I'm abroad right now in the UK studying, but Canadian born and raised, and I usually live in Canada)! Name is Rachelia and I go to Trent U and am taking History and Gender Studies. Perhaps when I'm back in Canada I'll try and make it to a Toronto meet up, they sound really fun!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all :) 
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