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I just recently joined Our Pants and was astonished that no one has yet posted anything in the Animal Wonders video discussion. Therefore, I posted this despite the apparent lack of substance. 
Animal Wonders is a lovely channel that educates and celebrates animals, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Good job Jessie and co.! I appreciate you =) 


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    I just recently started watching but so far Animal Wonders is amazing!
    Hello, Sweetie!
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    I love Kemosabe. Jessie's energy is really great too. I haven't been keeping up very well, but I do love Animal Wonders too. :)
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    I love Animal Wonders too! But I also have problems keeping up with the videos. To be honest I have problems keeping up with YouTube in general. I think I have too many subscriptions. Oops.  ;))

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  • centauriecentaurie BelgiumPosts: 48
    oh, god can't believe this thread or this subthread for that matter, isn't more active. I love it so much.
    Wether it's introducing animals you don't normally get a good look at, & providing info on their behaviours & normal habitat, or just the info-videos on keeping pets. So interesting & useful! (I have one cat)
  • MyNameIsEricMyNameIsEric Posts: 20
    This really should be a lot more active, I am truly surprised that so many nerdfighters have neglected this thread for so long! I have not watched a lot of Animal Wonders but what I saw I loved, I am so glad that organisations like that exist and I would like to learn more about them. What they are doing for animals not only by rescuing some of them but simply by informing more people about animals, it is a truly remarkable project.
  • HaiAnhHaiAnh Posts: 1 Newbie
    Animal wonders will be a useful channel to introduce young people to the risk of extinction and how to protect the survival of many rare animals.
    A useful channel needs improvement
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