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    Here's a link to the episode of Don't Trust the B**** in Apt 23 that Julia Cho (Charlotte) was briefly in; it's Hulu, though, so I think it only works in the States. It's a funny episode, though, especially if you were a fan of Dawson's Creek back in the day. :)

  • Really enjoyed the web series lonelygirl15 so seeing Maxwell Glick who was on it in a very different role on LBD, that is awesome.
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    Mary Kate Wiles and Maxwell Glick both have Youtube channels of their own: and, respectively.  Both seem like really sweet, nice people.
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    I love Max's channel!  His Flashback Friday videos always make me laugh!
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    Has anyone else noticed/realized that the actor who plays Darcy had (has?) a video series on Cracked

    It's really funny/weird because he plays the most ridiculous/creepy guy ever. It's pretty funny. Anyways when I first saw who was playing Darcy I thought it was so weird how familiar he looked and then I realized it was because I had watched all his videos on Cracked.

    On one hand, he's playing the most lusted after romantic hero of all time, and on the other... well watch the videos. Unless you don't want to break the illusion, of course.
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    I watch both Mary Kate, and Max on their respective channels. I also watch Squaresville. 

    He isn't a LBD actor, but I saw  Sourcefed's Steve Zaragoza in an episode of '1000 Ways To Die'
    He was in a reconstruction of the death of a Paramedic. He played the Paramedic that got high in the back of an ambulance and ended up shocking himself with a defibrillator.
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    Mary Kate Wiles and Maxwell Glick both have Youtube channels of their own: and, respectively.  Both seem like really sweet, nice people.
    Mary Kate comes across as a more mature version of Lydia. Maybe it's because I am so used to seeing her as Lydia

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    I know that Daniel (who plays Darcy) was in Mad Men for a tiny role where he was swimming. Apparently Daniel actually did competitive diving which I thought was amusing because it's the character of George that is a swimmer on the show. I can't see Darcy be on the swim team with George! I saw Daniel's demo reel on his website and I remembered the episode when I saw the clip. I'm glad that we didn't know who Darcy was before Darcy Day b/c the characters he plays for his demo reel are VERY different than Darcy, I would've been very skeptical. Laura (who plays Jane) was in an episode of 2 Broke Girls last year, she was a shop girl in a jewelry store.
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    During Les Miserables yesterday Fitz made an appearance in the 25 minutes of previews, this time for coke zero.
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    Knyx said:
    During Les Miserables yesterday Fitz made an appearance in the 25 minutes of previews, this time for coke zero.
    I saw that too!
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  • Mary Kate Wiles (The lovely Lydia) played one of the people interviewed in TRON: The Next Day (A sort of epilogue to Legacy/prologue to TRON3). I gasped out loud and paused it when I saw her, but I only know one other person who watched LBD and she wasn't around for me to flail at her haha
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    Laura Spencer appeared in several episodes of Swiched at Birth as Spencer. She's brilliant, but we don't see much of her character.
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    Laura Spencer was on the Disney Channel show, Jessie. Which I think is cool because Joey Richter (mostly know from the Starkid productions) is a semi-regular on the show as well!!
    I realize that this post is from 9 months ago, but who did Laura play in Jessie? I'm very curious :)
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    I saw this not too long ago.
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    The Actress who played Jane is in a Sprint commercial.
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    Laura Spencer is also in a Skittles commercial

    And Briana Cuoco (Mary Bennet) is on The Voice!
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    If you guys watched Lydia's vlog (The Lydia Bennet) the actress who plays Mary (the Bennets' cousin in the LBD universe) is Kaley Cuoco's (Penny from the Big Bang Theory) sister and she has left acting to pursue music and is currently competing on The Voice on Team Blake. A bit of a shame, I say. While I'm happy for Briana (that's her name), I would have liked to have a Mary spinoff vlog because Briana, Bernie, Hank and everyone else created a really awesome character and I'm a bit sad that we'll never hear more from Mary. So it goes.
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    I feel like this thread needs to come back, because LBD actors have been really active recently. Craig Frank is on Mixology, which I haven't watched, and Laura Spencer is on The Big Bang Theory and has recently been cast on Bones. That is such a big deal, and it makes me super excited for her.
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    Jane is on Big Bang Theory!!!! ( I know it's been pointed out but...) I was so excited, I did a seated happy dance, flipped out, and now my housemates are wondering what they live with :)
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    JANE IS ON BONES!!!! This is so exciting for me because it is my favorite show. :) Big Bang Theory is my other favorite so I'm just so so excited.
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