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NeiroAtOpelCcNeiroAtOpelCc Denmark (Als)Posts: 5,749 ✭✭✭

Dosomething on the rate of misdiagnosis and/or late treatments

Or do one of the obamacare comparisons for Denmark.

We have a fairly good systemhere I believe (save for issues with care for disabled and elderly), however many of the primary physicians are more concerned with saving money (think they're told to) than care for their customers. For instance they tell you not to get tested for HIV unless you have a strong suspicion of being infected (like having had a partner whois).

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  • heyitspaige1127heyitspaige1127 AlabamaPosts: 10

    Please do a Healthcare Triage video on mental health. Where I'm from, there is hardly any insurance coverage on mental health making medications, doctor's appointments, and hospital stays very expensive.

    I also like @NeiroAtOpelCc's topic option of misdiagnosis/late treatments. 

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  • katrhymerkatrhymer Manitoba, CanadaPosts: 23
    Mental illness!
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  • KudoJinKudoJin Posts: 1
    I'd love to see a video on the Japanese healthcare system. I know they haven't done any videos on different countries healthcare systems, but I'd love to see more information on the system of the country that I was born in. I have a vague understanding of it, but nothing that's really substantial.
  • beyondtheskybeyondthesky Posts: 17
    I'd love to see something on the currently ongoing studies related to psychedelics as a psychopharmaceuticals. Part of my curiosity comes from being a participant in one of these studies, and so I'd be curious to see a bigger picture understanding of where we are and what comes next.
  • This is an excellent documentary that explains health care in various countries, as well as comparing and contrasting their benefits and flaws.
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