Suggestion for an episode: Dark matter/energy

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I've suggested it somewhere on facebook some time ago, but I'd like to suggest it again.

Some years ago I saw an episode of BBC Horizon detailing machines that appeared to generate more energy than they used (generally thought of as impossible). One of those was some sort of rotating machine and another was a 'spark plug' replacement that went missing shortly befor publishing (along with the car, incidentally around the same time the inventor was murdered). I don't remember what else was in the documentary, but I'd like to see some condensed version of the state of things.

If we assume that we can account for less than 5% of the stuff in the world, it doesn't seem so far fetched that somehow someone by accident can harness a minute part of the remaining stuff. I don't know. I'm no scientist, nor was I ever at a university (except to drink or eat or playing taxi).

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