Any NCIS Nerdfighters out there?
I used to love this show to bits! I like the old series more than the knew ones though.


  • emiliarmusemiliarmus Posts: 147 ✭✭✭
    yeah! i own the first 6 seasons, but i've fallen behind in the last 2 years. I guess since i didn't have a tv, that would have something to do with it :) but yeah, there's too many story lines that take too long to resolve nowadays. but i still love them all <3 
  • Yeah I know what you mean. I still watch every episode but it doesn´t have the same feeling. And I´m a bit behind aswell because I live in Germany and we get the episodes half a year later.
  • XanothXanoth Posts: 29
    Really enjoyed the first few seasons, but I'm 1-2 seasons behind now, no real reason just went through a phase of less TV watching and NCIS just got missed out compared to all the new and varied series that we've been treated to in the past 2 years or so.

    I enjoyed the way they regularly managed to mix humour with a very serious side so well, all the little qwerks that both the show as a whole and the individual characters have.

    Hopefully I can play catchup soon.
  • I absolutely love Season 3 - it's easily my favorite. I've also enjoyed the most recent seasons, too, though not nearly so much as the older ones. I'm really liking this season, though.
  • season 3 is one of my favourites too because I really like Ziva in it. Don´t know about the newest season because it hasn´t aired here yet.
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    My brother had been watching NCIS randomly for a while, and while stuck around to watch it I fell in love with it.I actually want to be a forensic specialist! But I haven't watched any seasons in enteritry, because I watch the ones they air on TV and they're usually scattered into different episodes, but i think i know enough. :)
  • Litnerd22Litnerd22 Posts: 5
    I love NCIS!  My whole family watches it together.  I have the first 8 seasons on DVD, but I've fallen behind since I've been in school.  (Hmm...perhaps the newer seasons will make a good graduation present to myself?)  Definitely the best thing about the show is the character interaction.  It's way more a character driven show than simply a crime drama.
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    I love NCIS, I like LA but I love the original NCIS.
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    NCIS was easily my favorite show a few years back. I don't know if it's just not as good anymore or if I've just gotten tired of it, but I don't like it as much as I used to. I still watch it with my family simply for tradition sake. 
  • @Rebecca_A It´s exactly the same with me! I used to love it and now I just watch it because it´s the only show my mother and I both enjoy.. And because the Mentalist comes after it.
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    Who is your favourite Character? I love the old Tony and the old Ziva. Now I think my favourite character is Palmer
    by timeywhimeystuff
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    I love the original NCIS. My favorite character is a toss up between Abby, Ducky, and McGee!
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  • seaurchinseaurchin MNPosts: 15
    Has anyone else seen the new NCIS episodes, with Bishop? I actually like her so far. 
  • amyandmelodypondamyandmelodypond Minnesota Posts: 18
    I'm a big fan of the regular NCIS. NCIS LA is okay but not my favorite. The Newer NCIS episodes are really good. I'm interested to see what happens with Bishop.
  • CharlesLaCourCharlesLaCour Posts: 250 ✭✭✭
    I have watched NCIS from about the middle of the first season and used to watch the multiple daily reruns.  Unfortunately I saw them so often that I think I burned out on it, it got to the point that I could recognize the episode coming on after about 10 seconds.  

    For me after the Shabbat Shalom/Shiva episodes the stories have not kept my interest.  
  • BigJake0097BigJake0097 USAPosts: 5
    Love NCIS, not LA so much though. I really don't like that Ziva left, but at least they found a respectable replacement.
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  • Reading_RobynReading_Robyn Kelowna, British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 9
    Out of all the tv shows I watch, NCIS is the only one that I've honestly managed to keep up with all these season.

    I was so unhappy that Ziva left, but at the same time, it's given the show a chance to get some new life. I feel like NCIS has always thrived at making the show better whenever an important character leaves. Although I've got to say, it sucks that almost all the women cycle through. It can be a bit of a revolving door. However, I have high hopes for Bishop, she seems like an interesting character that brings some energy.  

    As a side note I do have to give a shout out to NCIS:LA. It is absolutely one of my favourite shows... mostly because I swoon over Marty Deeks, but it has a humor that makes it really fun.
  • MellyKenMellyKen TorontoPosts: 22
    I'm really happy with the way this season is going, I was starting to lose interest in the show last year, mostly I think because it felt like they were really pushing the Tony/Ziva relationship. I really like Bishop, she's quirky in a way that just fits with the rest of the team. @Reading_Robyn, I totally agree with you on the NCIS LA love there, it's really great, though I don't think it could ever match the level of the original
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  • mysticnerdfightermysticnerdfighter PennsylvaniaPosts: 20
    As long as they don't mess with Gibbs and Abby, I'm happy.
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