Types of Relationships

Admittedly, I have never been in a relationship before (*unsurprised gasps*). However, that doesn't mean I am not interested in them. More specifically, I'm interested in learning about different types of relationships. The ones I know most about are closed monogamous and polyamorous relationships.

What are types of relationships do you know of, either from personal experience or from reading/seeing/hearing about? I'm curious about how many forms of them there really are out there. :)


  • BonesMccoyBonesMccoy EnglandPosts: 4

    I have heard of non-monogamy - it is often known as "swinging" though I am not sure whether that term is offensive or not.. Basically (from what I know) it is where an individual may have many romantic/sexual relationships meaning it is similar to polygamy however, I believe that instead of a number of people being in one relationship it is a single person being in many different relationships. 

    As you can see I do not have much knowledge on non-monogamy and would like to find out more!
  • Oooh I see, kind of like an open relationship-type thing, but just the one person (I mean as long as everyone involved knows what's going on! haha)
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    To me I think every relationship is different and to me terms dont really mean much, every person I meet I feel different with and people make you feel different, and with different relationships theres different boundaries and expectations and feelings and I feel like labels aren't very important, its just what you and other people feel and what you do :)

    "Only that in you which is me can hear what I'm saying" ~Baba Ram Dass

  • That's a good point! No relationship, regardless of its term, is really the same, is it? ^_^
  • BonesMccoyBonesMccoy EnglandPosts: 4
    Upon further reading I've found that "swinging" is actually one form of non-monogamy and that there are many kinds altogether 
    (e.g polyamory is one type of non-monogamous relationships).  

    I myself find that, once in a relationship, the terms tend not to matter to you and your partner/s however they can be extremely useful when explaining the relationship to someone who is not in the know about this sort of thing. Also they can be helpful to those who want to understand who they themselves are should they feel like they want something other than a monogamous relationship.  
  • Wasn't there a Bob's Burgers episode about swinging? Haha
  • BonesMccoyBonesMccoy EnglandPosts: 4
    Possibly, I've never seen Bob's Burgers so I wouldn't know! But I do know that the just as sophisticated sitcom "Benidorm" has a married couple in it who are swingers.  
  • MsSonyfanMsSonyfan IndiaPosts: 544 ✭✭
    There was a sexplanations video about the 6 six different love styles people have. I believe relationships can also be classified the same way, not just people. For example, you can be ludus with some people, storge with someone and eros with someone. Or they can also be combined...
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