Planing Nerdfighter Charity Event In AZ!

All right Nerdfighteria. I need help!

I have an idea. I can apply for an event dated to happen in a month or two through To Write Love On Her Arms. It can be LGBTQ themed as I have a ridiculous amount of connections. My grandparents are members of the Phoenix Gay lesbian chamber of comers. (Spell check) There is also the great resource in arizona of One.n.Ten that helps house teens 14-24 to take in and create a safe place for Lgbtq youth. One in ten stands for one in ten Lgbtq youth die because of their sexual orientation. Things like by getting kicked out or suicide. I personally know the founder. In my application I'd like to see if we could split the profits of the event between the two..

My question is: Will you help? Ideas? I can have drag queens host and such. What should the event be? An open mic? Bingo? Raffle? Auction? It will be a month or two, maybe more, so we can plan this perfectly and get things together! I can always apply for a grant from the random acts foundation for up to $300 to set up the event.

Thank you guys for all the help!!! #dftba!

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