Sailin is Life ;)

HeidiHeidi Posts: 11
Hey guys! I was just wondering if anybody here was a sailor, and if there are à few among us, what kind of boat do they use. For me, I sail since now 12 years. I practise on a catamaran twin15 but I prefer a sailing dinghy. I used to sail on a caravelle, à few years ago. What I find in that activity is a kind of freedom I have never found anywhere else. Such a... Joy when you're just balanced between sailing and flying! In France we have 5 levels; I got my third. It means that I can sail alone, but that I cannot teach others yet. I'd like to cross the Channel, but it is difficult without my own boat or à sponsor... Well, see you around Heidi
I do believe the fault is on ourselves and not in our stars...
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