The Golden Sharpie



  • romy16romy16 The Netherlands Posts: 4,319 ✭✭✭
    I steal my parents car and drive to sweden. 8,5 hours later i'm in sweden and via facebook I've tracked where your friend lives. I burst through the doors of your friends house, steal the sharpie and drive back to the Netherlands.

  • Nice time travel, but I'm one step ahead of you - or behind you. I use the time machine you just dropped to travel to the point where you just out out of the same time travel machine and snatch the sharpie out of your hand.
  • the_one_on_the_leftthe_one_on_the_left B.C. CanadaPosts: 583 ✭✭
    I call upon my lizard brethren to once more claim the golden sharpie, we doggedly hunt you down and eventually take the sharpie from your breast pocket while you sleep. I have the golden sharpie encased in solid gold so as to disguise it from unwanted thieves and we worship it beneath the streets of New York once again.
    There are always more pieces to the puzzle.
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