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I'm a huge fan of languages, and I would love to learn more about the history of languages, the relations between languages, and the structure of languages! For that reason, I would love to see a Crash Course: Philology produced, and I created this thread to see if anyone else shares my interest in the subject! I think a Crash Course: Philology would serve as a very interesting complement to Crash Course: History and Crash Course: Psychology (in addition to being fascinating all on its own, of course), because when discussing it those two topics play rather large roles (history maybe more so than psychology, but you could substitute the psychology part for a more sociology based approach).

Anyways, what are y'all's thoughts on the matter? 

Note: I used 'philology' instead of 'linguistics', because to my knowledge linguistics refers to a more specialised study of language, one which is more scientific in nature and focuses less on the sociology and historical impacts of languages (I am interested in linguistics as well, but I am slightly more interested in focusing on philology) 

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    I would love to see that, no matter if it's called Philology or Linguistics :)
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    I have a degree in Language and Human Communication and have thought about suggesting Phil/Ling as a subject. 

    Can provide plenty of suggestions for topics, or even write some episodes (e.g. semiotics, semantics, phonetics and phonology, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, bi/multilingualism, metalinguistics, history of english, Proto Indo-European)... 

    how do we make this a thing? :D

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    I love languages and their fact I'm a fan of the history of anything....I'd love to see a phil/ling crash's a great idea!
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