starting a nerdfighter comic

Sylvia3Sylvia3 PennsylvaniaPosts: 98 ✭✭✭
I started a fan comic called Hanklerfish Comic a few days ago and I have 3 so far. Here's the first one. You might have seen if before if you spend a lot of time on reddit or tumblr: 


  • NostalgicOracleNostalgicOracle Tucson, ArizonaPosts: 17
    I'm with john on this one, because neither do I.
    Willfully idiotic, as if it were an act in a play.

  • AikoAtsumeAikoAtsume Posts: 16
    love the idea, might help as budding comic artist.
  • EllsterEllster GermanyPosts: 141
    I think it's hilarious
    My first (and in some places still active) screen name was Ellena.
    This became Ellster.
    Elster is the German word for magpie.
    Therefore I am sometimes called Mag Pie. Although my name is not Mag. But I do like pie.
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