3DS: Tomodachi Life

RunebasedRunebased New YorkPosts: 11
Any of you lovely folk have this game?
If so, what are you enjoying about it?
Wish to trade QR codes?

(If you would like to try the game, I have two demo codes I'm willing to give away if you message me. First come first serve, and sorry if you do not get one.)
Are you having a pun-full day?


  • NerdWriterFighterNerdWriterFighter HogwartsPosts: 167 ✭✭
    I have Tomodachi life, and I love the game so much.  I just love the weirdness and the what would happen if you put a bunch of characters you know in real life, celebrities, and fictional characters on one island.  Tn fact, I created miis of John and Hank Green.  I even put in Dave Green in (who is currently dating Elsa from Frozen).

    I am not able to trade QR codes right now due to still trying to learn how to share pictures from my 3ds on the internet. Though once I learn, I will QR code some of my miis.

    Though I have witnessed some really wired things happening on my island.  Some of which include the 11th doctor not likeing a fez that I gave him, Rory Williams (from Doctor Who) dating Ginny Weasley (from Harry Potter), me forming a band with the modern companions of Doctor Who, and John Green with an ice cream hat. I have more wired stories that I would wish to tell about this game if you want to know.
  • RunebasedRunebased New YorkPosts: 11
    (all codes are now gone, sorries!)
    So far the mii Hank I have dislikes corndogs but loves hotdogs (? what) and Snape from Harry Potter is dating a moderate from the Nerdcrafteria server (Nerdfighter minecraf server). I've also have 6 marriages and 4 kids with two out in the world :D woot woot! 

    Any other crazy stuff happen on your island?

    Also here's my QR code if you wish to add me~ 

    Are you having a pun-full day?
  • NerdWriterFighterNerdWriterFighter HogwartsPosts: 167 ✭✭
    The Hank on my island is married to Hermione and they have a child named Johnothan (I wanted to name him John after John but there was already a John Green on my island so).  I have also created songs for Hank (which are based after his other songs or nerdfighter references).  Hank also has a fish hat on (because it looked like an anglerfish)  My John mii is married to Luna Lovegood and they just had a child today.  Named him Hank JR after Hank. I currently have 7 marriges on my island and 4 kids (two of them who are already grown up).  I am also currently dating Harry Potter (after being rejected by the 10th Doctor).  Also the 10th Doctor asked Rose Tyler out with the line "Rose Tyler, I..." (and yes they are currently married).  Donna Noble,10's ex, she broke up with the 10th Doctor for Dumbledore.

    If you want, I could show you the lyrics of Hank's song for you to add in your game
  • xXBibbledyJelloXxxXBibbledyJelloXx OhioPosts: 8
    Sorry if it's a super no-no to dig up ancient threads, but do any of you still have your John and Hank miis? Got back into Tomodachi after a bit- really wanted to add the Vlogbrothers to my island, since I named my island DFTBA Island, and just discovered corn dogs in the game... so it's really only fitting!
  • NerdWriterFighterNerdWriterFighter HogwartsPosts: 167 ✭✭
    Hank Green flying with cheese burgers.
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